Kinda New

April 3, 2007

Slutty Fringe favourite Hannah Holland just sent through a hot new remix of Spektrum’s breakthrough track Kinda New. Radically different from the original or the splendid Tiefschwarz remix that was all over the clubs a few years back – it’s nasty nasty nasty and show’s what a talented young thing Miss Holland is – DJ, Producer, Promoter and Film Director

Spektrum – Kinda New (Hannah Holland Remix)

I got a sneak preview of the next installment of the Baile Funk Masters series on Man Recordings. Put together by Sany Pitbull, it’s a bit of a departure for Baile Funk in that it’s free of vocals. Indeed Funk Alemao, the track I’m posting is kinda reminscent of Timber by Coldcut and Hexstatic in the way it utilises field recordings of Sany Pitbull’s maiden voyage to Germany.

Sany Pitbull – Funk Alemao

Watch out for future EPs on Man Recordings from Sinden & The Count Of Monte Cristal and The Crookers. I’ve just heard a crazy track from the Sinden/Count EP which is gonna blow up when it drops in May – proper speed garage styles!

The legend of Clor continues to live on – after bringing you the Barringtone remixes of Infants last week I have a hot new Barringtone remix of Glasgow’s finest Shitdisco – giving the golden touch to recent single Reaktor. People need to check Shitdisco’s debut album, Kingdom of Fear when it drops in a fortnight cause it’s all sorts of splendidness!

Shitdisco – Reaktor (Barringtone Remix)

I’ve written some already about Dragonette, and there’s been plenty since, mostly about the Van She remix of forthcoming I Get Around, which to be honest I’m not really feeling.

However I did get the chance to see them proper the other week at the Metro on Oxford Street and the track that impressed me the most was Black Limousine, if only because live it sounds like they use one of the effects from those BMX bikes from the 1980s with the Space FX box on the handle bars*. Sadly the album version doesn’t appear to tap into this 80s nostalgia

Dragonette – Black Limousine

I did spot Arthur Baker at that gig, which I was quite excited, about but now I realise he was down cos he’s remixed I Get Around too, in a typically chunky indie rock way – however my favourite remix is by Australian band Midnight Juggernauts who’ve had plenty of blog hype in the past.

Dragonette – I Get Around (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)

* Anyone who can name what the hell those bikes were called will get some sort of goodness in the post from me cos it’s gonna bug me for days!

4 Responses to “Kinda New”

  1. Matt Says:

    Yodels – I always love your blogs and all the tracks are always huge…speacially like that Midnight Juggernauts mix….much appppprech!
    Matt (Haak)

  2. trixie Says:

    Woo. Black Limosuine is ace. You could have spotted me there too (yes again) seeing the band for like the 7th time.

  3. frommysoul Says:

    the bike with the fx was a raleigh Vectra im sure of it . my mate had one the envy of everyone.
    : )

  4. Poesy78 Says:

    Yo !!! (French) Justice on the pic !

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