Full Clout

April 16, 2007

I am currently encountering problems with the internuts at Slutty Fringe Towers – normal service will resume shortly. In the meantime, here’s a lil snippet of the veritable feast of music that’s been slipped underneath my door.

Raoul Duke, head of Ra!Ra!Ra! Music hooked me up with a sneaky blend he did at a party last week that had the Bondai girls doin the shoulder lean – quite simple really, the accapella of The Jump Off by Plastic Little over the slow burning Rainbow Man by Busy P – lavvly

Busy Plastic – Rainbow Jump (Raoul Duke Mixup)

Time for more Hannah Holland word love – for she has furnished me with a shiny new production entitled Crackney, a rather splendid two step stunna that combines sexy vocals with some extremely dirty low end bass action – expect more of this at her Booty Bass night at Old Blue Last at the end of May

Hannah Holland – Crackney

Finally, hottt new track from French kid with magic in his head, Felix Cartal! After a bit of a brief hiatus, felix is back with Drugs, a track that is the embodiment of being on the dancefloor at 3am wonked out on MDMA getting familiar with a girl with blonde curls in a Chicago Bulls Jordan vest and denim hotpants – well thats what comes to mind when I hear it…

Felix Cartal – Drugs

On a different note, I spent yesterday afternoon in Greenwich Park taking advantage of the rather splendid weather and reading a fucking brilliant little book that tells the story  behind the making of the seminal Beastie Boys record Pauls Boutique – written by Dan Le Roy and part of a series called 33 1/3  you really need to be checking this book – you can pick them up for only 4 quid at Fopp. Essential reading!

2 Responses to “Full Clout”

  1. elise Says:

    why is my picture in this blog?

  2. Mr Hefner Says:


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