Crooked Funk

May 5, 2007


My internet is still out of action – so i’m leaching the web round the missus’ cos I have a new Crookers track to share which has to be heard! Following on Sinden & Herve’s  brilliant “Tamborzuda” in the Funk Mundial series, Man Recordings have signed up the hotttt production duo from Milano for Funk Mundial#3.

Despite Phra and Bot only having two twelves to their name, their prolific productions (I have a cd of unreleased tracks by them – alll strate heat!!) and remixes have made them hot sauce among the blogging community and get mentioned in FACT magazine several times over (big up to Tom Wilson!)

The track I have from the EP is typical of the Crookers sound, it being a nasty low end take on baile funk with MC Leka dissing the size of some playboy’s package in Portuguese. The Funk Mundial #3 EP also contains Atomic Baile Boy which is probably my favourite track by the Crookers. It is released in digital format on the 18th May with the vinyl release to follow on June 15th limited to 300 copies on nattty green vinyl – check here for more info and sound samples

Crookers – Para De Graçinha feat. MC Leka (Euro Crunk Mix)

I missed the Crookers set at Fabric last month and apparently they smashed it big time – if you missed them too fear not as they are returning to sunny old London on the 18th May to play at Magic Circle alongside Sinden, Skull Juice, Zombie Disco Squad and a whole bunch of other splendid djs and bands.

Magic Circle is a new night set up by the promoters behind Sick of Nature and sees them expand operations somewhat in taking over Kings Cross überclub Egg for the night for 3 rooms of buffhype music to dance with girls with nice hair to. Check the flyer for all ze details.

2 Responses to “Crooked Funk”

  1. RY Says:

    guess that makes me the third person, man have requested a blogging from!

  2. […] and b-more influences. as you have probably already heard from our friends over at electric zoo and slutty fringe, they are soon releasing a twelve inch in the funk mundial […]

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