Kania Tieffer Mix

May 8, 2007

One of the most beneficial aspects of this whole blogging thing is stumbling across absolutely crazy good artists on other websites that potentially you would never hear in your life. It was on one of my far too infrequent browses through the ever fucken excellent 20 jazz funk greats last November that I came across a writeup on Belgian musician Kania Tieffer who makes this crazy mad glitch pop and has a fondness for otters

Anyway it turned out you could download one of her EPs for nada and still can – Get it here, Saturday and Get Flunky are amazingly good! Then some friends from Radio Campus in Brussels invited Kania onto their show to do a DJ mix which thanks to the wonders of the internet I was lucky enough to catch and loved so I got in touch with her and asked her if she would like to contribute a mix to slutty fringe.

I’m very happy that she did, so here we are with a excellent, crazy, mad, decent mix under her DJ Albanie guise which full of stuff I’ve never heard of before and probably most people that read this blog. Putting Wookie noises over the chorus of Liam Lynch is a touch of genius in my books though!

DJ Albanie May Mix Up For Slutty Fringe


Cradle Of Smurf – Nouille Orque
Zom Zoms – eeeeee oooooo
Puyo Puyo – Bogeyman Chacha 
Japanther – Divorce
X-Mal Deutschland – Schwarze Welt
Grandmaster Flash – The Message (a capella version)
Gay Against You -Telerad
Folklore – la Cucaracha
Liam Lynch- USA of Whatever
Chevue – Dog
Solid Space – 10th Planet
DoDoDoDo – Heresy Dountry Papa
Animal ‘A ‘ Crossing – Sibling
Robotnicka – Hatzanasumi
Numbers – Insomnia
Melted Men – Butter Roll
L’emigrante – Interlude 4 (With Soul) 
Kap Bambino – Save
Bruno & Michel Are Smiling & Skipperrr – Ring a Ring O’ Rosies
Picky Picnic – My Life 1.2.3.
Plastics – Robot
Aurellio Fierro – Partir Con Te

Download Here

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