Black Ghosts Mixup

May 21, 2007

Black Ghosts 

I’m sitting here trying to write a review of the new Apparat album, and not let myself get consumed with anger because I dropped my phone in a glass of coke and it’s now acting like it’s on the blob when I check my email and find I’ve been sent a splendid new mix by gothelectro types the Black Ghosts – which is all the excuse I need to put my troubles to one side and share the mix love.

Black Ghosts have been super busy remixing The Gossip, The Dykeenies, Charlotte Gainsbourg, The Whip and Trabant of late (check their remix myspace) and this 30 minute mixup showcases some of these remixes along with some of their favourite tracks right now (loving that Metronomy track yo!) including the absolutely splendid re edit of Frankie Valli by Pilooski which 679 have picked and is gonna be big this summer (get it from phonica now vinyl lovers)

The Black Ghosts

30 Minute Mix May 2007 Track-list…

Harco Pront “Night”
Emperor Machine “Rimramramrim”
Clinic “The Second Line”
Soul Savers “Rumble Fish” (Simian Mix)
Supercollider “Darn Cold Way Of Loving”
Electrelane “The Valleys”
The Jonzun Crew” “Space Is The Place”
Good Books “Leni (Crystal Castles Mix)
Heaven And Earth “Feel The Spirit”
The Firebirds “Soul Sonata”
Blowfly “Sesame Street”
Silver Apples “Lovefingers”
Gianfranco Reverberi “Nel Cimitero Di Tucson”
Metronomy “Trick Or Treatz”
Milton Hamilton “My Love Supreme”
101 Strings “Karma Sitar”
Can “Vitamin C” (Ghost 1 And Ghost 4 Edit)”
Zongamin “Spiral”
Brian Eno “Sky Saw”
Frankie Valli “Beggin” (Pilooski Edit)
The Whip “Muzzle #1” (The Black Ghosts Mix)
Beck “Sexx Laws” (The Wiseguys Mix)
The Black Ghosts “Amyway You Choose To Give It” (Fake Blood Mix)
The Dykeenies “New Ideas” (The Black Ghosts Mix)

Download here

On a sidenote, I apologise for the continued lack of regular updates, it seems that some Internet Service Providers can’t be trusted at all – I’m hoping that everything will be sorted by next week and I can get back on it – thankyou to everyone that has been sending through music

One Response to “Black Ghosts Mixup”

  1. lynton Says:

    yes, Yes, YES!
    great track selection – new and old. That Supercollider track still does major damage!

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