Identity Crisis

May 22, 2007

measured appreciation

One of the only good things about having no internets here was it meant I could dedicate some time to listening to music properly. So here’s a fat old post with some of the music I’ve been rinsing on my ipod over the past month.

Alot of musicians these days appear to delight in assuming a number of psuedonyms in order to get music out there – Switch & Herve being two prime exponents of this multiple identity trait.

That pales into insignifigance compared to Finnish artist Khan though. I’ve been liking Who Never Rests, his recently released album, for a while now and not really knowing much about him decided to do some research to make myself sound all smart when I got round to writing about his music. Turns out he’s produced music under at least 10 psuedonyms with Captain Comatose being the name I recognise the most. Crazy

Well it’s not crazy because Who Never Rests is a very accomplished album of sleazy blues art rock new wave wonky electro splendidness that sorta reminds me of a modern day Devo at times and also has shades of Hot Chip and The Chap about it. Here’s a few tracks from the album, hopefully you’ll investigate further.

Khan – Favour After Favour

Khan – Strip Down

Khan – Take It Out On Me

You can purchase Who Never Rests from Boomkat or Phonica

Speaking of Hot Chip, I’ve been giving their DJ Kicks comp some serious ears of late. It’s finally getting released next Monday and is definitely one of my favourites in the series (Any compilation that includes Positive K’s I Got A Man is gonna get my blessings)

From the opening bars of the faux 80s crooning of Grovesnor’s new single Nite Moves* through the Hot Chip DJ Kicks exclusive track My Piano, the brilliant gritty soul of the Etta James track to the eccentric lyricism of Love Affair by Noze – it’s a really good selection of diverse tracks that are mixed well (something that let down the Four Tet Dj Kicks in my opinion)

Here’s a few of my favourite tracks from the comp – on a sidenote: I picked up the EP on Output (RIP) with this Gramme track on for the princely of 25p in a MVE last week!

Gramme – Like You

Etta James & Sugar Pie Desanto – In The Basement

Noze – Love Affair

Listen to a 15 min exerpt of the mix at this rather plawsh e-card, read an interview with Hot Chip about all things Hot Chip and DJ Kicks at Pitchfork and wishlist the cd/double lp at Piccadilly

* London peeples should head to Catch this Thursday for the single launch with Grovesnor and Booji Boy High (DFA) live among others – check Hi Beat or the deetails!


Finally I picked up Radioclit’s Hard Working Class Volume 1 compilation a few weeks back – mainly so I can play out their rather nicenice club rework of My Love and it came as no suprise that the remainder of the CD was quality too son!

If you like noisey electrocrunkghettobangermusic then I suggest you toddle off to the Radioclit myspace and pay the far from unreasonable bounty of £7 for your own shiny copy!

Radioclit – Nelly Ti Picou

Turbulence – Notorious (Radioclit Remix feat. Trim)

I caught a bit of Radioclit at Bugged Out at The End on Saturday and they were smashing it up in the lounge on the CDJs.

They’re playing Corsica Studios Thursday next week along with DipDipDiplo, Bonde Do Role and Skull Juice among a whole heap of others – click on the flyer below to get transported to a place with more details

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  1. Eric Says:

    just pointing out your Take It Out On Me Link is flawed

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