Lip Gloss Is The Good Look

May 24, 2007


Unklejam seem to be having alot of money spent on them right now – from the glossy promo packaging (I didn’t want to open mine) through having Saam Farahmand directing their new single What Am I Fighting For? (I’m still hoping Saam will have a change of heart and do the StyleSlut film)

One good thing to come out of this hype is getting some rather splendid artists to remix Unklejam. Herve’s treatment of Love Ya was ze bomb yess and the powers that be have got LA Priest better known as Samuel Dust from Late Of The Pier to remix the aforementioned new single – taking it down a very daft punkesque path – check it!

Unklejam – What Am I Fighting For? (LA Priest Remix)

It’s been a short while since William Russell dropped a remix now he’s back and still on point! Teaming up with fellow Cleveland producer Stirhouse and giving the Lil Mama track Lip Gloss the low end bass treatment – this is the proper speakerjunking action!

Lil Mama – Lip Gloss (William Russell & Stirhouse Remix)

Cousin Cole sent through a lovely subtle remix of The Operation by Charlotte Gainsbourg – Big ups to Mr Cole! A quick word or two should be said to reiterate that the Flagrant Fowl EP is da bombbombbomb!

Charlotte Gainsbourg – The Operation (Cousin Cole Remix)

There’s been a surfeit of illicit/unofficial remixes of Ed Banger tracks over the months which have spread over the internet via the trusty mp3 blog – thus creating the goofy term that is blog house – DJ Discrete did a rather nice remix of Let There Be Light by Justice a while back. Now he’s tackled Ross Ross Ross by SebastiAn, giving it a bit more of a house kick and adding some tuff acidy squiggles.

SebastiAn – Ross Ross Ross (DJ Discrete’s Ross This Ross That Rerub)

Some mysterious producers called Metal On Metal sent through a remake of Datarock’s ‘I Used To Dance With My Daddy’ – I recieved no info on Metal on Metal but I like what they’ve done so enjoy!

Datarock – ‘I Used To Dance With My Daddy’ (Metal on Metal Remake)

Detroit producer Frankie Banks was kind enough to send me a track called Drip which is a cut off his forthcoming album – unfortunately my internet connection was still on a cruise to the Bahamas so I only got to hear it this week. I wish I heard it sooner yo! Proper raw club hiphop banger alert – tuff bass drops!

Frankie Banks – Drip

2 Responses to “Lip Gloss Is The Good Look”

  1. Mr. Cookie Says:

    Congratulations on your blog, this cousin cole rx is da shit \m/

  2. Freddy Says:

    Great blog!
    Would it be possible for you to reupload the Unklejam remix? Can’t seem to find it anywhere.


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