Interview With Mica

June 5, 2007

I managed to get some time to ask the rather talented musician and producer Mica a few questions before she jets off to the sunny climes of Barcelona to perform at the prestigious Sonar Festival later this month.

Slutty Fringe: So Mica, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for Slutty Fringe, why not kick off by telling thems that don’t know a little about who you are and what you do?

Mica: I am Mica. I am a 20 yr old girl. I write grime/hiphop beats and guitar songs and “experi”mental” music.

I first heard you with the track Go Now on I Can Count Vol 1 – that’s Taz on vocals and you on production duties yeah?

Yeah, me and Taz did that track at school, was nuts we never expected it to ever be on a cd ever (my friend stepan lavrov mastered it thanks stup).

How did the track end up opening the album?

dunno? It’s nice though

That track differs greatly both from when I caught your performance at Proud Galleries and the tracks posted on your myspace. It’s clear you like to mix up the genres yeah?

I suppose, in a way people who write music are trying to write what they wanna hear right, and I, like most people like loads of different types of music I reckon its only natural to mix it up a bit, plus if your always producing tracks on a computer you forget about things like oxygen and acoustics etc I think its probably healthy to play a guitar every so often.

Taz and yourself also form part of the Cluster Collective, what’s the deal with this group?

Well were now called “Mica And The Cluster” but in essence its a collective of rappers and singers I work with… the point is to turn tracks we make- live.. you know?

And my idealistic aim was to have this collective that people can bounce in and out of it. We got a jazz keys player called Kit Downes, Taza, Miss Bienek, Yvette RW, Baker, Ghost Poet.

So Mica And The Cluster are performing at Sonar too, which day and is it part of the Day or Night festival?

on the 14th in the day bout 4? At the Accidental showcase.

You must be looking forward to playing at such a prestigious festival, it’s crazy there too – I had a proper jokes times when I went two years back

I’m shitting it!

What have been your best and worst gigs?

best gig errrr one cluster did at 93 feet east. Worst gig, a guitar one, the promoter asked me if I was on crack.

Wot 4, the track you sent me is a lovely little song – what’s the song about and did you perform the tongue clicking noises on it?

thanks maaaan. lovely. It’s about 2 kids (a boy and girl) who are hanging out and something bad happens and then the girl doesn’t care about things anymore. Then they grow up and they are together as a couple, but hes nasty coz she doesn’t care and its gone a bit tits up and they don’t communicate at all really. then they fight and then you know she regrets all that shit. I didn’t do the clicks whilst singing on the recording but I rinse that gimic when i play a gig.

You’ve been round the Suicide Dogz Laboratory recently to work on some tracks, what can we expect from this meeting of minds?

I’m Putting out a mixtape and Mr Dogz is putting a few tracks on it.

What bands/artists are you feeling right now?

Kwes, Man Like Me, Dolly Daggers, Acoustic Ladyland, Polar Bear, Capitol KN dubz, Naked and the Boys. There loads of good things i’m sure i’m not getting to. Errrrr Xenakis is a sick one. Harry Partch.

If you collaborate with any artist or producer dead or alive who would you choose?

Harry Partch & Captain Beefheart.

If you were a professional wrestler, what would your name be?

Chug Lightning – Thunku

Who has the best slutty fringe?

Miss Bienek hands down!



Mica – Wot 4?

Mica Featuring Taz – Go Now

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