I Can Count Music Vol 2 Is Out!

June 6, 2007

So no sooner have I wrapped up an interview with young whippersnapper Mica, whom I discovered on the excellent I Can Count Music compilation that was put out last year than the second volume arrives at Slutty Fringe towers!

The first volume of I Can Count Music took me by surprise when I heard it as I wasn’t expecting such a consistent collection of music spanning a number of genres from relatively unknown artists.

So it was with this in mind that I’ve been awaiting the second volume with eager anticipation (Basically severe badgering of label boss Sweeney regarding release info for more than a few months) I’m very happy to say that despite it being shorter than the first volume, with only 12 tracks, they haven’t crimped on the quality one little bit.

You got dancefloor heat with Miss Odd Kidd’s Don’t Be Afraid To Sweat (a classic round these parts) representing the filthy girltalk over electro genre I like so much, pouting art rocker disco pogo with Saturday Night from Brighton duo Beauty Skool Dropout and some wonky 8 bit pop from Sportsday Megaphone (you have to catch this guy live yo!)

This is all mixed up with some nice kitchen sink bass heavy 2 step action from Ear PWR, a dash of melodic synth pop called Eighties from Revox and speaker worrying hiphop laced with a sweet female vocal from Mr Bearsley plus some lovely acoustic tracks from Humanboy and Spaceships Are Cool.

Some of the more discerning DJs at Radio One have been giving this compilation some serious FM love of late with Rob Da Bank proclaiming I Can Count to be one of his labels of the year and Huw Stephens featuring them on his DIY Label Of The Week.

In fact Huw Stephens seems to have taken quite a shine to Miss Odd Kidd, as he invited her and The CockNBullKid to the swanky Radio Studios at Maida Vale to record a session for his show recently, which will be broadcast on the 13th June. You best listen!

You can purchase the compilation from the I Can Count website for the princely sum of £4 and be sure to check out the stush garms they got on sale too!


Beauty Skool Dropout – Saturday Night

Ear PWR – Turn Out The Lights

3 Responses to “I Can Count Music Vol 2 Is Out!”

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  2. headphonesex Says:

    I was thinking “Saturday Night” could get an airing on, er, Friday Night.

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