Rest In Peace

June 17, 2007

I found out the other day that Finnish producer, and man of many psuedonyms, Joe Snow passed away a few weeks ago and felt it would be a fitting tribute to show some word love for his music. Working under the names 12timesone, Buyuk Mabet, Polly Six, Gengar, Vic 20 and Ikkyo Mahl (what I know him for) he put out a veritable feast of electronic music and set up a sorely missed label with bird fancying friend The Crane (check his Bird of The Day blog heheh) in Tzanda Recordings.

I’m gonna post some Ikkyo Mahl tracks, which are on a 8bit arcadeelectropop tip and if they take your fancy you can get lots more at the Ikkyo Mahl and Tzanda LastFm pages for free – dooowit!!

Ikkyo Mahl – Drunken Ninja Arcade Master

Ikkyo Mahl – Peshtah Poker With Love

One Response to “Rest In Peace”

  1. dalsyn Says:

    J Snow was not Finnish, he was from the UK.

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