Club Hoppin

June 19, 2007

The cassette tape is a much missed format in my opinion, I used to have a big Teletubbies metal bin full to the brim with old breezeblock shows, sketchy mixtapes, my favourite albums which a old flatmate liberated from my possession on the day I left Brighton (cheers for that Robin)

Some people have been doing their bit to keep the format alive, before Jamie T spent his days answering the same questions in every single style magazine, he used to put out singles accompanied by mixtapes on c90s. Dummy Magazine’s latest issue has a rather nice feature on cassette tapes plus it’s free now and has a excellent lead feature on Justice – get the pdf podcast through itunes here.

Now French label Mort Aux Jeunes Records are releasing the new single from French fringe electro popper Catherine Ferroyer – Blanchard on cassette format with remixes from SatanicPornoCultShop, Scalde and Les Petits Pilous.

Catherine Ferroyer ~ Blanchard – C’est Bien Trop Tard (Scalde Remix)

Catherine Ferroyer ~ Blanchard – Chanson d’Amour (Satanicpornocultshop remix)

Those lucky enough to live in Paris should head down to the launch party on the 22nd June at La Flèche D’or with a live performance from Catherine plus Teenage Bad Girl (loving their album right now) Don Rimini and Pharrell Fluokids – all this for non euros!


Keeping it on the French tip is a re-edit of Club Hoppin by Para One sent through by Small Saul of the Monkey!Knife!Fight! party peeps which was very nice of him becuse it is all sorts of splendidness!

Para One – Club Hoppin (Small Saul Re-edit)

Having conquered the Bristol party scene, Monkey!Knife!Fight! have decided to head south and take on the cockerney jessies who put on nights in the East End with two rather special looking parties over the next few weeks.

The 30th June sees them drop on the Horse and Groom with live performances from Curses! Turbowölf (these guys are jokes!) and Miss Odd Kidd plus the MKF DJs – if I wasn’t djing I’d be here in a shot!

The 7th July sees MKF take over the Pool Bar with Guns n Bombs and Sportsday Megaphone live plus Patchwork Pirates and the MKF DJs.

2 Responses to “Club Hoppin”

  1. todd hart Says:

    How is that I spend all my time bringing cassettes back and get no love on this post? 🙂

    If you want to send me any of those old cassettes you love, I would digitize them and put them on the blog.

  2. sluttyfringe Says:

    how rude of me! dalston oxfam shop is splendid!

    I would love to send those tapes to you, unfortunately my old housemate has gone awol with them!!

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