Alwayz Fridaze Competition

June 30, 2007

Buff Hype Promoter types Sick of Nature have stepped up their game this year. Renowned for throwing jumpoff nights at 93 Feet East, they moved on to greener pastures and now have Egg on Friday night lockdown. Alwayz Fridaze has them inviting hottt sauce promoters to take over each room and fill them with the best bubbling live acts and djs (anyone who saw me when the Crookers played there a few months back will testify how much fun I had)

I have three pairs of tickets for their next event on Friday 6th July – the lineup looks very very speshul – Roll Deep LIVE, Mac Mello LIVE, Skull Juice, Patchwork Pirates, Naomi// Tapedeck, STDJs among others and a very special Gomma Guest (whose identity I can’t disclose but it’s worth going to check out)

For a chance to win, simply drop me a email, with Alwayz Fridaze Competition in the header, with an answer to the following question

Please name either of the Ed Banger acts that Faex from Skull Juice has recently produced re-edits of?

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