A Bit Of Magic ( A Lesson in Music Promotion)

July 18, 2007


Last week, the above items dropped through the door at slutty fringe towers in a jiffy bag – definitely piqued my interest. I’m used to getting sent music every week from all sorts of places but nothing as mysterious as this…..


Then yesterday I get home from the daily slog to find the above waiting for me – a big box  with contents that include Japanese sweets, fruit lip gloss, toy soldiers, friendship bracelets and some stickers and a cd single for a band called Hearts Revolution, who turn out to be some scuzzy electropop duo from New York – kinda of on a Crystal Castles/ BitcheeBitcheeYaYaYa tip.

Any way I can’t help but think all the trinkets are wasted on someone like myself, maybe if there was some miniature rum bottles, lucky strikes and pork pies in the box I would class such a package as a bit of magic. I wonder what the other 99 lucky recipients thought of it all….

Hearts Revolution – Choose Your Own Adventure

check the Huggy Bear remix on their myspace too – is nice yes

Last Friday while I was DJing at the 333, someone passed on a CDr with the following bit of buffhype splendidness on it – don’t know nothing about it’s a bass heavy dust up between the Ying Yang Twins and Lily Allen – If you are responsible plez get in touch!!
AMF – Hush It Lil!

The ever excellent Audiporno have furnished me with their latest production, a splendid low end droneybass relick of Milwaukee kids The Glamour

The Glamour – Get Into It (Audioporno Remix)

Man like pojmasta hooked me up with a excellent remix of the latest Go!Team single, Grip Like a Vice – it’s been too long since I heard some pojmasta output so I pleased as punch! Seek out the seven inch for the Black Affair remix too!

Go!Team – Grip Like A Vice (pojmasta remix)

I ‘ve been meaning to show some word love for the El Diablos Social Club crew out of Mancunia. I stumbled across their website a few weeks back and they’ve got some straight up excellent weirded out disco mixes for d/l by the likes of Padded Cell, Greg Wilson, Rong Music and a fucken excellent selection by Maurice Fulton.

I was so impressed I bought one of their teeshirts!

3 Responses to “A Bit Of Magic ( A Lesson in Music Promotion)”

  1. lovestar Says:

    Love the Slutty Fringe! Ah Hearts Revolution! About to do a feature on them & came across yours! Can’t wait to get the goodies!! hehe

  2. sluttyfringe Says:

    cheers man

    trash menagerie gets some constant eyeball attention at slutty fringe hq

    good work on the toxic avenger innaview!

  3. Will Says:

    Have you found out who AMF are?
    good tune!!! shit quality mp3 😦

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