Standon Calling

July 30, 2007

So this weekend just gone the Hot Sauce soundsystem was invited to play at Standon Calling – an intimate little festival that takes place on the grounds of some rich man’s country manor. From the weekend I can conclude the following

Emmy The Great has a splendid fringe

They Came From The Stars – I Saw Them are very much good fun live – London types should venture to the Lock Tavern this Thursday where they will be playing FOR FREE

The Rumblestrips are fucken terrible live – anyone who covers Steve Winwood’s The Joker deserves rotten pies thrown at them.

You should give lukewarm jerk chicken at festivals a miss.

Having finally caught New Young Pony Club perform live, I have decided they are excellent live (the Bomb sounded best live and it’s my least favourite track on the album) but could do with some more material – their set was bettered only by the fact there was some fairies dancing on the bar throughout the duration.

Bagpipe techno blaring out of the main stage speakers is quite possible the worst way to wake up with a stonking hangover in a baking tent.

Wearing a tshirt with bowling sucks written on it is a good ice breaker.

Sportsday Megaphone’s debut album on Sunday Best is going to be immense. Plus he’s partial to a samosa – always good with me

Nic Nell is an interesting dancer.

Friendly Fires deserve to be massive – dunno what they are doing turning down a Kitsune 12″ (allegedly) though

Despite a pretty poor name, The Noisettes are splendid live. I had purposefully given them a wide berth due to the name but they had the whole crowd dancing despite the unwelcome presence of rain – Girl got some voice too!

If you play good records, people will dance regardless of rain, power cuts, over abundance of dry ice and one of the members of Gay Bingo attempting to distract you by slouching in front of the decks and eyeing you up.

I hate the new Samin track with a passion – there is no place for accordians in dance music, However I may be one of only a handful of people who share this opinion.

Upon my arrival back in South Easy London – I found the following awaiting me….

The Voodoo Chilli track Look What Yo’ve Done To Me has finally resurfaced on Dubsided replete with the rather special Mustapha 3000 remix (My copy arrived today!)

Dj Discrete, he of several blouse remixes, was asked to contribute a remix which was also supposed to form part of the EP, however this never happened. He did kindly furnish me with a copy of said remix. More excitingly, the Dubsided crew have commisioned some original productions from Discrete.

Voodoo Chilli – Look What You’ve Done To Me? (DJ Discrete Electric Nightmare Remix)

you can purchase the original from Phonica

2 Responses to “Standon Calling”

  1. h0tsauce Says:

    you forgot to mention that you’re officially crap at putting up tents…

    i’d forgotten the bagpipe techno, thanks for reminding me.

  2. demelza Says:

    Hmmm, randomly flicking thru your blog and I HAVE to say that you are absolutely right, accordians have no no no place what so ever in dance music.
    Feel much better now.

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