Totally Frank

August 2, 2007

People probably don’t remember Totally Frank, that silly sunday morning programme on T4 about four girls who formed a band called Frank which was supposed to act as a springboard for a proper musical career. I do because I DJed at their house party up in Islington a few years back.

Anyway, Frank are no more (though one of them is on DirtyDirty Dancing all the time) which is lucky for fey bequiffed solo artist Frank Musik who seems to be getting lots of hype right now (having the same management as Simian Mobile Disco may have something to do with it)

Frank Musik sounds like a more polished version of The Glamour Soundsystem and is likely to be listed alongside Nic Nell and Sportsday Megaphone in a Guardian article written by Alex Petridish at some point in the near future – in which he will proclaim them the natural male musical reaction to the chart behemoth that is wee Kate Nash. Perhaps

Frank Musik – Three Little Words

Frank Musik – Made Her Smile

The rather splendid Art Goes Pop imprint from out of Leeds is releasing the new album from Mancunian upstarts Kill The Young next month and a single ‘We Are The Birds and Bees’ is being released a week on Monday to whet appetites replete with a shockingly good good South Central remix – these lot are rapidly becoming one of my favourite producers, I even purchased a Maccabees white label the other week cos it had a south central remix on it.

I’ve read several lazy comparisons between South Central and Justeece which I’m not going to countenance but check the drop three and a bit minutes in!

Kill The Young – We Are The Birds and Bees (South Central Extended Remix)

Switching the noise up some and generally looking in disgust at the music I have just posted is Brighton producer L-Vis 1990 who runs the splendid So Loud clubnight and counts Palmsout and Drop The Lime as keen fans of his tracks.

The L-Vis 1990 remix of Miura by Metro Area was featured by Palmsout a few weeks back and it is fookin amazin! Growling bass and cutup Yo Majesty vocals make for goodness with my ears!

Metro Area – Miura ( L-Vis 1990’s Mum’s Gone To Iceland Remix)

He kindly hit me up with the above plus a baltimore remix of Playing With Knives and his own production Change The Game which kinda reminds me of Bobmo

Bizzare Inc – Playing With Tom (L-Vis 1990’s Mom’s Gone To Baltimore Remix)

L-Vis 1990 – Change The Game

At the moment I have so much music to listen to I forget who has sent me what when (apologies to anyone who has sent me stuff that I have either not replied to you about or forgotten to feature)

So I was kinda pleased when I blindly opened a folder on my desktop named OOFT loaded up the mp3s and some nice midtempo chugging electrodisco remixes of Glaswegian types Cronk Family Enterprises by Ooft Music started filing the room.

Deportivo Street Team – A Quiet Rebellion (Ooft Music Remix)

Check the Ooft Blog too yo!

Further investigation of the music on my desktop discovered tracks by Deportivo Street Team including a wee gem of a track in Brain Scran – check it!

Deportivo Street Team – Brain Scran

Direct your eyes towards the Five20East online store for more of the same yo!

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  1. AM Says:

    It’s all about change the game. Get your wobble on.

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