Slutty Fringe Late August Heaters CHART(NOT MIX)

August 27, 2007

1 Chemical Brothers – Salmon Dance (Crookers Wow Mix 2)
2 Bumblebeez – Dr Love (Trizzy Free iPhone Remix)
3 Ghost Frequency – Nightmare (Speaker Junk’s Extra Vocals Unleash The Beast Remix)
4 Kill the Young – We Are The Birds & Bees (South Central Extended Remix)
5 Brodinski – Bad Runner (Crookers Remix)
6 Dr Dre – Next Episode (Kraddy Remix)
7 South Central : Machine
8 Dwizz – Party Music EP
9 Night Facilities – Physical
10 Boyz Noise – & On (Teenage Bad Girl Remix)
11 Timbaland – Way I Are (Cousin Cole Unwound Remix)
12 Comanechi – Death Of You (Passions Splatterhouse Remix)
13 Pepe Deluxé – Go For Blue (Optimo (Espacio) 3rd Summer Of Love Version)
14 Rodion – Tu Mi Turbi (Extended Mix)
15 L-VIS 1990 -Mr Wobble

9 Responses to “Slutty Fringe Late August Heaters CHART(NOT MIX)”

  1. Morten Says:

    Is there a link for this mix?

  2. h0tsauce Says:

    that speakerjunk mix of the ghost frequency track is wicked.

    you got the 7″ with the comic? nice styles

    we got trevor loveys confirmed for strobe now

  3. sluttyfringe Says:

    Sorry Morten

    this is just a chart of my favourite tracks at the moment, an inaugaral Slutty Fringe mix is in the pipeline though


    I have the seven and a splendid ghost frequency tshirt now!

  4. ry Says:

    l0oving the frequency at the moment.. a very impressive demo ep

  5. Mr. Cookie Says:

    where’s the link? o_O



    where download page?

  7. Mookz Says:

    I see some Crookers tracks there!

    Has anyone been on the Crookers myspace and seen the video of them DJing @ Full Moon Party,


    IT IS F**KING UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. og_shantae Says:

    wheres the download page?!

  9. art911 Says:

    anybody have this track?
    Dr Dre – Next Episode (Kraddy Remix)

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