Out of Date

September 3, 2007

It’s likely you can probably find several of these tracks elesewhere on blogs but this is the first chance I have had to go through my email lately (and I really should be concentrating on a lucrative illustration job right now)

I will commence with some brand new second hand Blamma Blamma production as I feel awfully bad about forgetting to write anything about their remix of Blood Red Shoes after they had provided me with a copy on the snide – the Blood Red Shoes might look harmless enough but their record label is seemingly staffed by vicious mercenaries with a taste for naughty blogger blood.

Moving back from that tangent, Carry Me Home was Blamma Blamma’s first ever production which was intended for proper release but was sat upon for a very long time by Blamma Blamma (nearly two years!) that they have lost interest in it. Fortunately, the many denizens of myspace have professed their collective love for the song and Blamma Blamma have deemed to give it away for free!

Blamma Blamma! – Carry Me Home

I have been told that the debut official release from Blamma Blamma will be surfacing next month on iTunes and 10 inch – keep your left eye out!

Mr Scattermish form Melbourne is not only responsible for a splendid blog south side of the world but is also a hard working promoter and talented producer. To highlight both these latter aspects of himself he sent me his first ever proper remix, which is a track by Australian artist Harmon whose debut EP is having a launch party at Leaky Holes In Your Brain, the clubnight Scattermish runs with the excellently named Buff Diss.

Anyway Scattermish provided me with a re/edit of the remix which speeds proceedings up a notch and is excellent, kicks off with a SNL more cowbell sample has some nasty fidgit bass and handclaps before some bmore drums kick in. This I like.

Harmon – Moo (Scattermish’s More Cow Bell Re-Jiggy-Mix)

I’m not that up on US Politics, or any politics for that matter, but Senator Larry Craig getting caught soliciting for some man love by a undercover popo man made me laugh – Ursula 1000 clearly thought it was funny too cos he put together a cheeky wee Daft Punk meets Larry Craig in the lavs at Horse Meat Disco loveup.

Ursula 1000 vs Beat Gate-Around The World (Naughty Little Boy edit)

The Proper Villains sent me some tracks which if you read Ladecadanse then it’s more than likely you will have heard (and if you don’t frequent Ladecadanse what’s wrong wit ya) but I only just had the chance to give some ears.

My ears are angry that they have only just heard them now because they are splendid. Trick Baby is this crazy electrohouse wobbler with the snappiest kick drum sound I have heard for some time. This is getting some playtime over the next few weeks

Proper Villains – Trick Baby

And to demonstrate their diversity they also gave me a dubstep/grime/whatever subgenre you choose to call it remix of the Lumidee & Pitbull jam Crazy

Lumidee featuring Pitbull – Crazy (Proper Villains Remix)

L-Vis 1990 has been rather busy since his Metro Area remix surfaced. After getting word love on here and palmsout and discobelle, he secured himself support slots for acts such as Surkin, Passions, Knifehandchop, Modeselektor and Digital Mystikz and still found time to conjure up some new bassbin worriers

L-Vis 1990 – Mr Wobble

L-Vis 1990 – Hyper Bass Trek

3 Is A Crowd keep coming with remixes/edits, this time taking on pofaced Armand van Helden’s recent track This Ain’t Hollywood which kinda reminds me of The Prodigy with the rave stabs, sirens and offkilter drum patterns.

Armand van Helden – This Ain’t Hollywood (DJ Frox edit)

Before I go – check this new blog out of France called Streetkiss, buy the new Death from Abroad 12″s by Altz and Mock & Toof and the LA Priest single and get over to Prancehall’s blog to leech his splendid mixtape

2 Responses to “Out of Date”

  1. Whats’s up with The Fringe?? where are the updates?? no more excuses!! we (the people) want some mofo regular updates!
    Your great and all, but we got them “mambo”beats cravings…

    Thanks a bunch

  2. sluttyfringe Says:

    haha back in effect now sir!

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