Raw Like Sushi

September 22, 2007

If you have frequented clubs in London over the past few months it’s likely you will have at some point done the shoulder lean to the DJing skills of the STDJs. Adding another string to their bows, the STDJs have begun dabbling in production and now find themselves with the honour of having their remix of Raw, a track by London indie outfit Scanners released on Dim Mak Records (plaything of LA celebrity Steve Aoki)

Wearing their obvious love for the nasty low end house music sound of Switch, Herve, Crookers et all happily on their sleeve, the STDJs have crafted nearly six minutes of demented wonky bassline house music. Raw will be released on November 5th b/w a Blamma!Blamma! remix (hurrah!)

Scanners – Raw (STDJs Remix)

also check this splendid remix of Cassidy’s Drink & My 2Step they did which is likely to get you complaints from your neighbours – this must sound all sorts of heaviness in a club

Cassidy – Drink & My 2 Step

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