The Moo That Rocked Slutty Fringe

September 22, 2007

Back last year when my life was simpler, Late Of The Pier were just the name of a band my friend Cuthbert kept filling the air next to my left ear with, I got sent a remix of their track Space & The Woods by fledgling production duo (and skilled DJs) The C90s which floored me with it’s takenofuckenprisoners approach to dancefloor etiquette.

Since then, Late Of The Pier have grown in stature somewhat, with mad limited single Bathroom Gurgle causing indie dancefloor ruckus and band member Samuel Dust proving rather adept at music on his todd under the LA Priest guise with the recent release of Engine on Phantasy Sound (check the nice Erol Alkan re/edit too!)

The C90s have been busy with the whole DJing thing clocking up gigs in Berlin and New York but they’ve finally through with a new remix – taking the track She’s Gonna Let You Down Again by merry London indie popsters Strange Idols and giving it a thoroughly splendid electrowonk facelift.

Strange Idols – She’s Gonna Let You Down Again (C90s Remix)

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