When Push Comes To Love

September 25, 2007


Alex Bok Bok from Faggatronix sent me their latest mix the other day which is forty five minutes of bass line madness in all it’s various guises and certainly put together with alot more panache than myself I dare say.

Nominally a promo mix for The Push Soundsystem’s All Nighter this Friday up in the provinces of Birmingham at which Faggatronix are playing alongside ZombieZombieZombieDiscoSquad, Mr Boy8Bit from ze Black Ghosts, the ubiquitous Casper Clark and the Push SoundSystem residents – If you are a Midlander check it at the Custard Factory yo!

01 * JEF SAMUEL – fire [Claude Vonstroke remix]
02 * PRETTY RICKY – call me
04 * DJ TY – still trippin’ [BOK BOK’s SE5 refix]
05 * DROP THE LIME – gigantic wings
06 * TRICK OR TREAT – fair weather friend
07 * PAUL JOHNSON – feel my m f bass
08 * SARAH LOVE – glamour bitch
09 * ALIAS – gladiator 4×4
10 * ARMAND VANHELDEN – i want your soul [CROOKERS remix]
11 * ACID JACKS – mookie [MATTHEAD remix]
12 * ZOMBY – darkness fallz
13 * T2 – oh boy
14 * D WIZZ – toot that
15 * FAST EDDIE – big ol booty
16 * DEXPLICIT- lollipop bass
17 * LVIZ 1990 – mr wobble
18 * DJ RASHAD – electronic juke
19 * GIRL U NO ITS TRU – god damn pussy [PUSH interlude]
20 * DJ BADDMIXX – bounce and walk it out
21 * MISTER RIES – so it goes
22 * DJ BADDMIXX – touch your toes
23 * T2 – heartbroken

Download – Faggatronix Push The Promo Mix

2 Responses to “When Push Comes To Love”

  1. Chicken Says:

    I heard my first faggatronix mix the other day

    Some nice little zingers in there ! 😀

  2. Dave Knapik Says:

    This mix is wicked! I’m only 32 minutes in so far, but that Fast Eddie track brought back fond memories of life in Chicago. Nice one! And this grinding dirty synth is just what I needed today. Cheers!

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