Magic Circle Competition Time

October 2, 2007


The ever splendid Magic Circle jumpoff has an extra special lineup on Friday 12th October with Berlin’s finest touching down at Egg. DJ Shir Khan is responsible for one of my favourite compilations/mixes this year in Maximize (along with the Bang Gang LSD mix and the James Murphy / Pat Mahoney Fabric mix) whilst Daniel Haaksman is head honcho of Man Recordings who have had plenty of word love here (check the Seiji Funk Mundial release yo!)

This alone is a rare treat for London folk but you know how Magic Circle do things and there is plenty more to get your shoulder lean on to with newly adopted Muscovites Zombie Disco Squad, Duke Dumont, The Bulgarian and Mac 3000 (who I used to go school with haha) also on decks/cdr/ableton duties and The Chap playing live (must see band!) plus several acts i’ve not heard of and the brains behind the operation and Magic Circle residents Marc Miller and Johnonandonandonandon.

I have two pairs of tickets to give away and the only thing you have to do is drop your full name in a email and sent it here 

that’s it, no smart arse questions or anything just your name! Winners will be notified by email from comrade zombie disco squad next week.

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