Running Away

October 7, 2007

I’ve been meaining to post some tracks off the new Brothers Grimm EP for a few weeks now, but time has always got the better of me. Thankfully the fact I was out till 7am last night after catching DJ Muro (boring) and Theo Parrish (brilliant!) at Plastic People and then heading off to a fatfatfatfat warehouse party in Hackney way means I ain’t doing shit today, now I’ve had a Sunday Roast. >>>>> Back to the point….

Brothers Grimm run the Pretty Beat night down at the sweatbox that is Bubblegum in sunny Deptford. I have frequented said night and it’s a jolly affair, taking in all manner of bass culture – Fred Pretty Beat (who looks quite dapper in a flatcap) also invited me to his house party afters where I got involved in a weird conversation with a girl who claimed to be psychic but thats not for here.

I wasn’t aware of the Pretty Beat collective’s penchant for production until a CDr dropped through the Slutty Fringe postbox almost a month ago (sorry Pretty Beat!) and was seven tracks deep of cheeky baltimore refixes (oh check H0t Sauce for more of this haha) speaker worrying drum and bass and some nasty low end synth house music with bleeps in the right places. Hit them up on the myspace and they might be decent enough to sort you a copy

Brothers Grimm – Busy Fuckin Signal

Brothers Grimm – Nasty Rock

Check the Pretty Beat night on the 19th October with 1965 Records taking over – Mr Toddla T and friends in effect (actually also check this mix Toddla T did) Rumours abound that troublemakers Suicide Is For Sluts will also be making a future appearance ….

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