Biggest Crowd Alive

October 10, 2007


Last night I decided to amble down to the Whitest Boy Alive gig at Hoxton’s Bar & Grill. Their album Dreams was definitely one of my favourites of last year and I could never understand why it didn’t get a proper release in this country so propalops to label like Modular for signing them and giving the band a wider audience which they clearly deserve on the performance last night.

After spending Saturday queuing outside Plastic People for an hour despite being the proud owner of a prebooked ticket, normal service resumed with a Slutty Fringe gutterlist spot – thank fuck too cos the place had a queue stretching round Hoxton Square waiting to get in!  Last time I was at Bar & Grill there was about ten other people with me watching George Pringle haha

Electing to veto the support acts in favour of several beers was probably a bad idea in hindsight cos we missed all four songs of Grovesnor‘s set (boo!) and it was like sardines in the music hall by the time we managed to squeeze in.

Whoever was djing inbetween the bands dropped the Soulwax remix of LCD Soundsystem which sounds splendid on a big system (though the intro does sound very much like the start of their eponymous Gossip remix to my ears)

Erlend and the lads took to the stage (for a sartorial description of the band check the h0tsauce review) to several degrees of rapture from the amassed fringes and pointy shoes. What may seem like an odd signing for a label like Modular at first glance (Muscles being more in line with their other acts) by the end of the gig can be seen as nothing less than a very smart move. Mr Oye’s voice complements the subtle disco leanings of the band

It’s a shame my hankering for a smoke and a toilet trip meant I missed a good ten minutes of their set, but I did return just as they were in full swing, with a cover of plinky keyboard house classic Show Me Love by Robin S getting a massive reaction from the crowd. As did their last track Burning, which they teased us with an extended drum roll intro and caused the smallest ever stage invasion. Didn’t stick around for the encore cos we’d had enough of stray body parts violating us, retiring to a local watering hole to get one for the road.

Definitely wanna catch the Whitest Boy Alive again, but preferably in a venue that isn’t severely over capacity!

Modular is releasing Burning on November 5th b/w some new material before Dreams gets a re/release two weeks later. You can however buy it now from The Whitest Boy Alive website or Emusic

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