Class of 92

October 11, 2007


Berlin speakerjunkers Cock Rock Disco very kindly sent through some of their new productions – very much leaning in the opposite direction to the minimal sound most associate with the city, these tracks kinda make me feel like Cock Rock Disco should be considered a transatlantic sister to labels such as Trouble & Bass and Tigerbeat06.

Glowstyx come through with a updated version of the rave sound I never listened to in my youth cos I was too busy listening to Tricky and drawing cartoons in my bedroom, its all sped up vocals, amen breaks and piano breakdowns. Whilst label boss DJ Donna Summer does all sorts of nasty things to Salt & Pepa haha

Glowstyx – Heels of Steel

Glowstyx – 7Daze

DJ Donna Summer – Push It

Check the CockRockDisco site for lots of free music and rss the CockRockDisco blog innit

2 Responses to “Class of 92”

  1. jamaicastreet Says:

    glowstyx album is gonna be off the hook! thanks for the mp3s!

  2. Sly Says:

    That’s NOT the cockrock blog, but the “birthday party” blog!

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