Malente Malente Malente

October 16, 2007


German producer / DJ Malente has a new double CD snappily titled Whow! out at the end of the month on Unique Records, comprising of a full length mix on the first CD featuring hype artists like Yuksek, Claude Von Stroke, The Subs, Speaker Junk and Teenage Bad Girl and a second CD that compiles some of his best remixes of the past seven years and a smattering of exclusive tracks.

Peep an exclusive 5 minute minimix of the album here

And check this splendid exclusive Whow! promo mix full of bumping wonky electrohouse!

1. Unknown – Get The F**k Up [CDR]
2. Nhan Solo & Daniel Dexter – The Bounce Is Back (Malente Remix) [We Are Playtime]
3. Turntablerocker – No Melody (Malente Remix) [Unique Records]
4. Parov Stelar – Love (Malente Remix) [Etage Noir]
5. Phonat – The Quake (Malente Remix) [Splank!]
6. Fil OK – Wink Wink (Touché Remix) [OK Musik]
7. Switches – Every Second Counts (Ocelot Remix) [CDR]
8. Jabwai feat. Paige – Sweet Like Shuga (Malente Remix) [Unqiue]
9. Moston & Malente – Fucked Up (Stupid Fresh Remix) [Splank!]
10. Moonbootica – We 1,2 Rock (Malente Remix) [Unique]
11. Markus Lange & Daniel Dexter – Acidkids (Dada Life Remix) [Whirlpoolsex Music]
12. Malente pres. ManroX – tHIS MANROx (Saint Pauli Remix)

Download Whow! Promo Mix vol 1

Full Album rundown looks like this (after the jump)

CD1 In The Mix / Tracklist

1. The Longcut “You Got The Love“ * (Accapella) / (Shadow Dancer Remix), 2. Acid Jacks “Disco Shoes“ (The Subs Remix) / (Accapella), 3. Markus Lange & Daniel Dexter “We Were Wild“ * , 4. Eyerer & Chopstick “Haunting“ (Christopher Just Remix) vs. Eyerer & Chopstick feat. Zdar “Make My Day“ (Accapella), 5. James Harcourt “Galia Melon“ (The Aston Shuffle Remix), 6. Bassnectar “Yo“ (Speaker Junk´s Jackin Brazilian Rave Remix), 7. Malente pres. ManroX – “sP€ND uR cA$H“, 8. Full Mental Slackers “Auto Riot“ (Boy 8-Bit Remix), 9. Mascotte “Victorian Noir“*, 10. Fil OK “Wink Wink“ (Touché Remix), 11. Claude Von Stroke “The Whistler“ (The Aston Shuffle Remix), 12. Moston & Malente “Fucked Up *, 13. Digital Breaks Foundation “Come Closer“ (Boy 8-Bit Remix), 14. Zero Cash “Ride The Pig“, 15. Rinôçérôse “Cubicle“ (Audiotrucs Dub) *, 16. Philipe De Boyar “Soulfreaka“ (Malente Re-Edit) *, 17. Teenage Bad Girl “Hands Of A Stranger“ (Yuksek Remix), 18. DJ Dan “Chop Shop“ (Macca Remix), 19. Mic Perry “Have A Nice Day“ (Jaimie Fanatic Bad Boy Remix)

CD2-Tracklist / Remixes

1. Turntablerocker “No Melody“ (Malente Remix) *, 2. Jabwai feat. Paige “Sweet Like Shuga“ (Malente Remix) *, 3. Bleach Eatin Pimps “C.U. Next Tuesday“ (Malente Remix), 4. Moonbootica “We 1, 2 Rock“ (Malente Remix) *, 5. DJ Friction “Soulsonic“ (Malente’s No Funk Remix), 6. Louie Austen “Heaven“ (Malente Club Mix), 7. Shout Out Out Out Out “Self Loathing Rulz“ (Malente Remix), 8. Mason “When Farmers Attack“ (Malente Remix) *, 9. Phonat “The Quake“ (Malente Remix), 10. Regal “Rock The Funky Beat“ (Malente Remix) *, 11. Coburn “Razorblade“ (Malente Dub), 12. Bob Sinclar “Ich Rocke“ (Malente Remix)

2 Responses to “Malente Malente Malente”

  1. Herr Schmitz Says:

    heya, we’ve got some of his tracks (the manrox thingie kills it) and the single on our blog. you might wanna check it out if you haven’t already. 😉

    cheers from berlin, j

  2. MAWSpitau Says:

    Yes, this LP is GREEEEEEEEEAT! (Like Tony the Tiger would say 😉 )
    I had the pleasure to have Malente in an interview for my podcast. Unfortunally it is in german 😦 So If someone is able to understand that or wants to improve his/her german visit:

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