Anyone Know Where To Get A Macys Gift Card?

October 17, 2007


Bit of shameful self promotion to kick things off but if any London peeps is round Shoreditch way this Friday I’m playing Slumdrum at the HalfDevil with messrs Suicide Dogz, Bumps from Swallow and Joe Alexander.

It always gets a bit messy down there, for a wee taste of how we do things at SlumDrum check Pump Repeat, the latest bit of naughtiness to surface from the Bumps laboratory (under his BootySlapperz alias)

Bootyslappperz – Pump Repeat

Due to some excessive Makers Mark/rum and cake intake last Friday at the Old Queens Head I was in no fit state to do anything the next day, which meant I missed the UK debut of Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya at Club Motherfucker – needless to say they went down a storm according to reports from my friend Cuthbert *curses*

What made me feel slightly better was Bitchee sending through their recent refix of Solta O Frango by Bonde do Role which I have been meaning to check. Buy the single here (worth it for the Ladytron remix so Mira can afford to keep herself looking tidy)

Bonde Do Role – Solta O Frango (Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya Remix)

Look out next month for Fuck Friend the debut Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya release on Kitsune with some hottotrot remix action on 10 inches of vinyl.


When I’m not writing sillyness here, sometimes my time is spent reviewing new music for more august publications and I get sent a right lot of new music to sift through. A few months back the fifth installment of Playhouse’s Famous When Dead compilations fell under my critical eye and got the vociferous thumbs up.

One of the standout tracks was definitely the comp opener Love Love Love Yeah by Rework which pitched a deadpan delivery by the brilliantly named Sascha Hedgehog over a sparse electro track with a buzzsaw synth.

November sees the release of Rework’s new album Pleasure Is Pretty on Berlin label Pavlek Records and Slutty Fringe got a sneak preview of some tracks which veer away from the sound of Love Love Love Yeah (included on the album) and come through with a  updated take new wave sound. A sound which very much complements the general air of confident disinterest that pervades from Miss Hedgehogs singing voice.

Rework – Check Your Vox

Hands up who actually likes the Justice remix of Klaxons? Not me, they need to low it on the Chic string samples and get back to making some nasty music. A current fine proponent of nasty bumpy house is London producer Arrow !!! whose productions graced the debut EP of Lobe Records and garnered loving reviews from the Dance Press.

Arrow !!! done gone and hooked me up with a shiny new Arrow !!! remix of Please Yourself by Machine forthcoming on Groenland Recordings along with the title track from the D.O.E.S. EP (available to buy here)

Machine – Please Yourself (Arrow !!! Remix)

Arrow !!! – D.O.E.S.

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