The Real Hustle

October 30, 2007

I just noticed that Simian Mobile Disco‘s paen to teenage vinyl robbery is getting re/released on 26th November with remixes from Jesse Rose (splendid) Armand Van Helden (oof) Kevin Saunderson (nice) Roll Deep (amusing) and Shackleton from Skull Disco (intriguing)

I also noticed Witchita have decided to record a new video dropping the game of chinese whispers with some slutty fringes in favour of some podium dancing and food fucking from some oiled up Page 3 Stunnas that decides to rip off the Windowlicker video halfway through

I prefer Exhibit A! What do you think?

exhibit A – Saaaaaaam Farahmand’s effort

exhibit B – Ace Norton’s effort

9 Responses to “The Real Hustle”

  1. Chris Says:

    i quite like B at the end where there all fucked up and vomiting. Bit weird, obviously, like arty for the sake of arty. But still likable. But Saaaaam’s is best. Like his Klax vids!

  2. bok bok Says:

    exhibit a, definitely.
    im really sad that roll deep causes LOLs nowadays. i remember a time when a roll deep remix sounded like an exciting prospect…

  3. sluttyfringe Says:


    A few years back I bumped into the roll deep crew whilst buying my lunch at a Westferry sandwich shop, they said I should buy their album if I like the Gorillaz….

    I still don’t know if they were being serious or not

  4. tylerhollyfield Says:

    damn i dont understand why a video wasnt made that actually relates to the song.

    i was looking foward to something like that

  5. wrongtom Says:

    A is like brookside times a million

  6. zalec Says:

    exhibit a fo sho. No subtle appropriation with b, just a shit ripoff of a classic older squarepusher video

  7. bally-high Says:

    vid b is crappy crap. the A-Trak remix of ‘Hustler’ is very dope though. no plans to release it officially….eh?

  8. Chicken Says:

    Rolldeep and skULL DISCO? wtf? *Looks out for those two*

  9. Ian Buzz Says:

    Nice song, simple and groove’n

    oh and the video yeahhhh… exhibit A for sure 😛

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