Scarlett gets defiled by Blamma!Blamma!

November 11, 2007


The Teenagers follow up their recent Homecoming remix EP (bit late innit?) on Kitsune with the release of Starlett Johannson, a snythpop paen to everyones favourite film star on the splendid Merok imprint.

Merok have also employed the collective loving hand of Blamma! Blamma! to craft a remix worthy of any DJ set – stripping out the track to just a drum beat, keys and Quentin’s vocal before dropping the giutar riff in looped and glitched up several times over, this shit works a treat. There is also a remix by Connan & The Mockasins which sounds like some weird Motown/New Wave crossover track.

The Teenagers – Starlett Johannson (Blamma!Blamma! Scared By Spiders Remix)

The Teenagers – Starlett Johannson (Connan &  TheMockasins Remix)

You can purchase Starlett Johannson from Rufff Trade  and Pure Groove also have some  nice Teenagers tees in stock

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