Turning Discos Into Warzones

November 17, 2007

The offer of some intriguing free Bloc Party remixes by JFK (him off of mstrkrft) and Metal on Metal among others, tempted me into buying the New Musical Express for the first time in some years this week.

The JFK remix is predictably the best effort though the Metal on Metal remix does have a nice wonky breakdown a la South Central in the middle

Bloc Party – Flux (JFK Remix)

Buy Flux replete with everyone’s favourite anonymous dubstepper Burial remix here

I have avoided reading indepth about such exciting things as Kele Bloc Party’s top ten dance tracks and whether the new Killers album sucks as the writing tends to bring out a feeling of nausea deep in my head (probably much like when you read all this guff)

There was, however, an interesting article expounding the delights of electromosh (mentioned here previously) which seems like another leaden madeup genre following the debacle that was New/neu/nu rave – though it’s unlikely to be as eponymous a genre.

At least one of the more popular, and indeed last few, music publications in print is giving artists like DIM, Brodinski, Yuksek and Passions (all featured) some exposure.

Speaking of Yuksek I got sent his forthcoming treatment of the Plugs track That Number this week. Putting aside my complete lack of interest in Does It Offend You Yeah? (for Morgan Quantaince plays in both the aforementioned bands) the press release proclaiming Plugs as a post rave, afro influenced groove monster was wanky enough to garner my interest.

Having spent the morning listening to the EP whilst trying to remove the fuzz that surrounds my head, my ears seem to think Plugs are very much in the Hot Chip school of pleasing melodic electropop and the Yuksek remix is just so sicksicksick!

Plugs – That Number (Yuksek Remix)

That Number is released in February next year and you can catch Plugs alongside the excellent Holy Hail and the splendid Cadence Weapon at the inaugural We Were There, a joint venture between Fact Magazine and Adventures Close To Home at the lovely Amersham Arms on the 23rd November (get tix hurr)

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