Hug It Out

November 22, 2007

The next Thugs n Hugs LDN party takes place on 30th November at The Legion pon Old Street and residents Patchwork Pirates & DJ Gigolo “The Mixx” Knight have only roped in rising dutty dancehall producer Toddla T to DJ along with a live PA from Serocee.

Even if you don’t call yourself a Londoner, you gots to check this tuff Thugs n Hugs promo mix Toddla T has just done, it’s been on repeat play all day round this way. Nice to see some Hint in there too, peeps should be up on his new At The Dance EP

1. Evette Michelle vs Back Yard Dog – ‘Feelin Pipes & Orton’
2. Supafix – ‘Grindin’
3. Mr Vegas – ‘Nuh Fight Over Man’
4. Toddla T Ft. Serocee – ‘Inna Di Dancehall’
5. Toddla T Ft. Miss Bienek – ‘Back Chatter’ (Micas Version)
6. Toddla T Ft. Mr Versatile – ‘Fill Up Mi Portion’
7. Elektrons – ‘Classic Cliché’ (Small Arms Fiya Remix)
8. Hint Ft. Laura Vane – ‘Keep Your Shirt On’
9. Pizzy Elliot vs New Flesh For Old – ‘Could You Be Sticked’
10. Small Arms Fiya Ft. Serocee & LS – ‘Give It To Mi’
11. Unique 3 – ‘The Anthem’
12. Princess Superstar – ‘Licky’ (Herve Goes Low Remix)
13. Crookers Ft. MC Leka – ‘Para De Grachina’
14. Duckbeats vs Twista
15. Slarta John – ‘Jaxx Redemption’
16. Toddla T – ‘Do U Know’ (Sinden & Counte Monte Of Cristal Dub)
17. Forgemasters – ‘Track With No Name’
18. Supafix vs Trigganom – ‘Jom Girls’
19. Wideboys – ‘What You’re Thinkin’ (Up Norf Dutty Bass Mix)
20. Dub Militia – ‘Fya Water Pt. 2’
21. Benga – ‘Night’ 22. El B – ‘Ghost Rider’
23. DJ C Ft. Zulu – ‘Body Work’

Download – Toddla T Thugs N Hugs Mix

Get on the recent Toddla T sevens from the 1965 Records Store here and cop the Toddla T Ghettoblaster Mix here which thems at FACT Magazine have bestowed the title of Mix Of The Year on! Check the recent FACT feature here too.

2 Responses to “Hug It Out”

  1. deadly tec Says:

    this fella is a bit damn special

  2. Dani Says:

    Nicely done. Good to see some favorites in there, some new tunes and of course, a smattering from the man himself.

    DSQUARED: (music downloads – news – URB tidbits)

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