It’s The Only Way I Know

November 29, 2007

 photo by Peter Radford ©

Production/dj peeps Streetlife DJs have been bubbling under for the best part of 2007, they were responsible for that natty CSS/TomTomClub edit that was supposed to get an official release but for a change of heart from some bumbling record execs, only to see a white label release promptly sellout – since then they’ve been commissioned for some major label remix work and played out in clubs such as Chew The Fat, Together and Modular Weekly.

They’ve been hard at work in the studio of late putting the finishing touches on the debut Streetlife DJs EP and dropped off two fresh tracks, Gunn Crime which laces a nice wee sample to splendid effect (the clue be in the title) and also a remix of Michael Jackson which is more inventive than Herve’s attempt with his track Cheap Thrills

Streetlife DJs – Gunn Crime

Michael Jackson – Wanna Be (Streetlife DJs Cut n Run Remix)

Keep your left eye out for the Streetlife DJs taking over the Essential Mix in a few weeks, your right eye out on their debut EP which the grapevine says is getting released on a prolific heavy hitter label and both ears on a forthcoming remix of Don Cash on Relish (it’s pretty fucken ace)

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