Santogold / Curtis Vodka hit Londons

December 4, 2007


This weekend is looking pretty good for London peeps. Kicking things off on Thursday evening, Burga Sauce have scored something of a coup with a live performance from Santogold at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen.

Santogold’s double A side Creator/L.E.S. Artistes has been slated for proper release for ages now (I got a PR email about it back in October!) so this is a splendid chance to see Santi before that drops and her album is released next year and your friends yap on about her down the pub after reading a feature in Observer Music Monthly – Plus Mapei is on support duties!!!

Santogold – Creator (Dave Nada Santi’s Town edit) / ysi *

When Saturday comes you all best be heading down to Dalston for some Turkish pizza then Bardens for Club Motherfucker cos Daughters of the Kaos have only roped in Alaskan producer/remixer Curtis Vodka in for an exclusive DJ set – Far as I know young Curtis has never been in these parts so it’s a pretty special night.

Check this new rework Curtis Vodka has done of that new Snoop track

Curtis Vodka – Purple Stain / ysi

Here’s a couple of my favourite Vodka tonics, still play thems out when DJing
Curtis Vodka – Mi Corvocas / ysi

Young Dro – Shoulder Lean (Curtis Vodka Remix) / ysi

Club Mofo like to spoil their patrons so not only is Vodka DJing but they’ve got Mia Lilly from Electrelane DJing, and a Dev-less Test-Icicles now fronting as Kasms and hot posh girl and her laptop, George Pringle, are among the live acts!

Drowned In Sound are putting up George Pringle tracks for download the first Monday of every month at RCRD LBL – the first of which is Carte Postale

George Pringle – Carte Postale

*everyone should be out buying Dave Nada‘s  EP, Kick Out The Jams, on T & A – get it at TTLab or Phonica

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