When Pandas Were King

December 17, 2007


A cursory nod to the vacuous materialistic season of festive sillyness that is Christmas here with some yule themed music, all thankfully with an alternative slant.

Dour Scottish singer Malcolm Middleton is doing his bit to highlight how annoying Christmas is with his bid for the Christmas number one single in the UK charts with the excellent We’re All Going To Die (do your bit to help out here) and Sportsday Megaphone has contributed a lovely little vocodered refix. Look out for the Sportsday Megaphone lp dropping on Sunday Best next year, definitely gonna do big things.

Malcolm Middleton – We’re All Going To Die (Sportsday Megaphone remix)

Blamma! Blamma! have taken some time off remixing all and sundry and working on some new WMDs to craft together a cheeky little xmas bootleg that only Slutty Fringe readers from UK shores will clock. Peep here for the inspiration.

Blamma! Blamma! vs Jay Z – Merry Xmas Jigga Man, we got you something from Boots

Keep your left eye out for the new Blamma!Blamma! EP with the somewhat mysterious title of The P out in February on Dovecote Records

Finally, monging proceedings out somewhat is Northampton shoegaze revivalists Maps take on the East 17 Christmas “anthem” of times gone past Stay Another Day, which I just have to post as in my callow youth I, begrudgingly, admit to a certain degree of fondness for the music of Walthamstow’s most famous ecstasy lovers…

Maps – Stay Another Day

(I’m not entirely sure I should have admitted that last bit)

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