The Year That Was – 10 Compilations/Mix CDs of 2007

December 27, 2007

1 Fabriclive 36 – James Murphy & Pat Mahoney // Fabric

Excellent mixup of dusty old disco oddities,  punk funk and wonk house from the likes of Daniel Wang. Certainly up there with the Jaqcues Lu Cont and CutCopy Fabriclive mixes as the best of the series.

2 Light Sound Dance – Mixed by Bang Gang Deejays // Modular

It’s all about the White Disc here, which delves into several genres, is mixed perfectly and throws out some interesting tracks. The Black Disc sounds like something you could download from Discobelle anyday of the week – Another criticism is the price, £18 for a double disc mix!!

3 Various Artists – Famous When Dead V // Playhouse

I’m not sure why this collection of unreleased rarities, remixes and edits from June hasn’t garnered more props. Included are several tracks from Rework (one to look out for in 2008), contributions from Roman Flugel of Alter Ego, Isolee and My My, who close the mix with Southern Comfort which is built round an exquisite guitar loop.

4 Various Artists – Home Entertainment // 2600 Recordings

Debut release from fledging label 2600 Recordings showcasing some promising UK talent and perhaps offering a wee peek into the future of lo fi hiphop. Featuring the talents of sonic buggery expert Zilla, former Slutty Fringe mix contributer wAx Factor under his Ambulance Chasers guise, and lots of lovely melodic hiphop from the likes of Tempa, Sir Howy and Buddy Peace.

5 DJ Kicks – Hot Chip // K7!

Props to be dropped for the following: Exposing the general public’s ears to the genius yacht rock world of Grovesnor; Somehow conjuring up euphoric house classic My Piano for a Mix CD; putting me onto my new favourite German band Noze; Ressurecting forgotten classic Short Road by Wax Stag. This should be in all collections.

6 Various Artists – A Bugged Out Mix by Klaxons // Bugged Out

Mercury Music Award winners do their best to distance themselves from media preconceptions and conjure up  rather splendid mix shocker – Split over two cds, The Bugged Out mix is a straight mix up of acid tinged techno from the likes of Blende, Luke Vibert and Johannes Heil ending on the excellent Brodinski re/fix of their own rave cover It’s Not Over Yet.

The Bugged In Mix seems to revel in contemporary weirdness, pitting the Wu Tang Clan up against Todd Rundgren, The Liars against Frankie Valli. It all works though. A pleasant suprise throughout.

7 Various Artists – D*I*R*T*Y* Edits Vol 1 // D*I*R*T*Y*

Proving that all that eminates from Paris does not need distorted synth & guitar and expensive tee shirt to garner critcal acclaim. D*I*R*T*Y* have been supplying excellent edits of tracks from yesteryear throughout 2007 and of course scored a major hit with the Pilooski refix of Beggin.

D*I*R*T*Y* Edits Vol 1 was released in limited supply in October and featured all three previously released EPs plus 2 exclusive edits. Definitely worth seaching out for the extremely homoerotic Joy of Sex-esque coverart too – it’s a funny look heheh.

Watch out for the Discodeine EP on Discograph in January for more D*I*R*T*Y* goodness.

8 Soulwax – Most Of The Remixes…. // Parlophone

Joyous collection of Soulwax remixes plus excellent bonus 2ManyDJs mix cd – nuff said

9  Various Artists – I Can Count Vol. 2 // I Can Count Music

Not as striking as the first volume but notable for the inclusion of two acts who may just be very big in 2008: gobby female mc Miss Odd Kidd and one man band Sportsday Megaphone. Plus there is lots of lovely music touching on shoe gazing indie, bass heavy hiphop, art school poser punk funk and folk ditties.

10 Radioclit – Hard Working Volume 1 // Uppercuts

Splendid compilation of Radioclit remixes and productions that has served me well when DJing this year. Some essential ghettocrunkkudurobootybassbaltimore action right hurr.

4 Responses to “The Year That Was – 10 Compilations/Mix CDs of 2007”

  1. James Penycate Says:

    so predicatable!

    what about the “after dark” record released on Italians Do It Better?

  2. DiscGoIsUm Says:

    Have you checked out Bang Gang’s Grey Disc?
    Get it from my post, or their poscast

  3. sluttyfringe Says:


    unfortunately the only output from italians Do It better to have graced my ears is some glass candy – The after dark comp is on the list of prospective purchases

  4. […] When I got hold of Home Entertainment, the debut release from boutique label 2600 Recordings, last year my initial reservations about a compilation of leftfield hiphop oddities were swiftly left behind and it featured in the Slutty Fringe Class of 2007. […]

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