Paranoia & Six Rubbish Albums

January 7, 2008


Here at Slutty Fringe, it’s hard to keep an eye and an ear on all the splendid music out there, and Kansas City’s Ssion have until now avoided the Slutty Fringe radar (which can be faulty at the best of times)

More discerning weblogs out there have been onto Ssion for at least a long minute/hour/day – with Gorilla vs Bear proclaiming the track Clown amongst their favourite of last year.

To coincide with the release of the new Ssion album, Fools Gold, on February 12th, Sleazetone Records have decided to put Clown on 12 inches of vinyl and have commisoned remixes from Glass Candy (Slutty Fringe new ear resolution: we will be checking Italians Do It Better more in 2008) Murderbot and Moves!! of Trouble & Bass click whose re/fix drunkenly embraces the sped up vocal 2step garage revival like it was Agness Deyn.

Ssion – Clown (Moves!! Remix)

Ssion – Clown (Original Mix)

Moving on, a cursory glance at the FACT website today informed me somewhat belatedly that the new Tricky album, Knowle West Boy, has been produced by none other than Dave “Switch” Taylor and will be out in April.

Putting aside all humourous thoughts of how the two of them would celebrate a hard days slog at the studio, this counts as something very close to extremely exciting as Tricky’s music was my solitude from the blanket goonery of Oasis during my youth in Bradford.

Plus it will be intriguing to hear Switch continue his recent veer away from mind bending bouncey house as witnessed on production for Kala (though all the tracks he produced on that are prolly months and months old!)

Anyway, I managed to find a bunch of dusty old Tricky CD EPs in the Slutty Fringe attic so here’s a few bsides/remixes for your ears

Tricky – Suffocated Love (Live) //recorded during a 1996 performance on Later With Jools Holland…

Nearly God – Children’s Story //Killer Slick Rick Cover

Tricky – Christiansands (The Imposter Remix) //Elvis Costello on the refix

Tricky – Brand New You’re Retr0 (Alex Reece Remix) //Early 90’s tinpot jungle

Tricky – Grass Roots (feat. Roc Roc)

Equally awaited with an almost puppydog sense of eagerness round these parts is Midnight Boom, the new album from The Kills which has been produced by SpankRocker XXXChange. New single U.R.A. Fever (watch video here) continues their love for stripped down rock music but has the added bonus of some nice touches from Alexxx Epton.

The Kills – U.R.A. Fever

Buy the 7inch of U.R.A. Fever from Phonica cos it has a lovely etched design on the flip.

Given the recent penchant for people to proclaim the Burial album Untrue is best understood whilst travelling home on a London nightbus, would it be facetious to suggest the correct manner to listen to Midnight Boom is in a limousine with your tomboy girlfriend on your way back to Primrose Hill after an evening of not snorting substances in Kensington nightclubs?

2 Responses to “Paranoia & Six Rubbish Albums”

  1. bok bok Says:

    that Ssion MOVES!!! remix is so big!
    It almost pains me that its now gone public 😉
    Starkey is gonna blow this year !

  2. sluttyfringe Says:

    it’s certainly more entertaining than the glass candy remix though starkey loses out in the fringe stakes

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