Lessons On The Art Of Accidental Dogging

January 14, 2008

Having stated last week that Ssion had previously left no indeliable mark on the Slutty Fringe radar despite a healthy back/catalogue, the powers that be have clearly decided to make sure this does not continue.

We loved the Moves!!! refix of Clown – pretty hard not to – and then the Glass Candy remix drops on us (posted literally everywhere else in like a minute!) which keeps the heat on Italians Do It Better, the Ssion lp Fools Gold came through at the weekend but we’ve been too busy wine tasting to fully appreciate it.

Now professional party heaters Tactic have sent through their own take on Clown which due to various reasons sadly did not make the cut for vinyl release. Not ones to sit in the corner and sulk, Tactic are putting it out for general consumption by the hypem huggers.

It’s a good look too as it’s deep into the throwback house sound that’s becoming more prevalent (peep the Eli Escobar remix of Blaqstarr for further evidence) Tactic proclaim this remix to be quite similar to the sound of Les Rhythm Digitales, which is always a good thing!

Ssion – Clown (Tactic Remix) /ysi

oh and here’s the Glass Candy remix too if you’ve no heard it already

Ssion – Clown (Glass Candy Remix) / ysi

As has been previously stated, The Clown EP and album Fools Gold drop early next month.

2 Responses to “Lessons On The Art Of Accidental Dogging”

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  2. Hugh Jardon Says:

    Love it !!! Dogging is a great hobby !!! :OP

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