A Different Minimal Concept

January 16, 2008

Reading press releases would lead you to believe that a chance meeting at a Buenos Aires rave between talented producer/remixer and amusingly coiffured Radio 1 DJ Kissy Sellout and rising Argentinian producer Pornophonics lead to the latter remixing Her, the formers single.

Since then, Pornophonics have released tracks on San City High Records (Kissy own label) the excellent artwork for which adorns the top of this page, and done several hefty remixes of the likes of Yelle, Bloody Beetroots, Does It Offend You Yeah? and Thieves Like Us.

This month saw the digital release of the A Different Minimal Concept EP through homeland label Jeopardy Records which comprises of three cut up synth heavy electrohouse heaters very much in the vein of SebastiAn, Boys Noize and Teenage Bad Girl et al. Good looks all around basically

Plez to wrap your ears around Wu, from the aforementioned EP and a couple of remixes too!

Pornophonics – Wu / ysi

Thieves Like Us – Drugs In My Body (Pornophonics Remix) / ysi

Yelle – Ce Jeu (Pornophonics Remix) / ysi

Get on the download for the A Different Minimal Concept EP plus lots of other Pornophonics goodness at Junodownload

10 Responses to “A Different Minimal Concept”

  1. sean Says:

    sean from sydney confirm here… pornophonics should’ve walked away with a gold in that remix contest.

  2. Darki Says:

    I love the remix of Yelle – Ce Jeu!!! is the best !

  3. Karol Says:

    Pornophonics rulez!

  4. ricci Says:

    Vamosssss!!!! vamos los pibes cheee….pornophonics electro made in Argentina

  5. ricci Says:

    vamoosssss!!!!vamos che los pibesss!!! pornophonics, alto electro made in argentina che !!!!

  6. Eduardo Says:

    Yeah! Pornophonics rocks!
    Its very popular here in Buenos Aires, we all like it very much. He has been evolveing so much in the last years. It’s great to know that he is been recognized outside B.A. !!

    Keep the good work on!!


  7. PAVZ Says:

    Great musician. His remixes are great, lot of creativity. This guy has an awesome future ahead.

  8. martin gioia Says:

    nene segui asi que tus porducciones andan muy biem y se vienen los remixes saluditos

  9. Julian Says:

    Y pensar que tocaste en EKM, jajaja, muy groso lo tuyo dale masa, saludos desde Varela loco!!!!!

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