Outside The Trains Don’t Run On Time

January 28, 2008


Whilst Justeeece are too busy designing terrible clothes for High Street Fashion Emporiums to concentrate on making some new music, the trademark Ed Banger sound is influencing a whole new generation of young producers.

One such example is Bordeaux producer Don Nola, whose music was stumbled upon quite by accident whilst browsing the lesser of social networking evils that is Myspace.

They must put something special in the wine down that way because Don Nola’s production is certainly brimming with distorted filthiness akin to early Justice/SebastiAn with a dash of the eurocrunk pedigree of Crookers thrown in for god measure.

Don Nola was kind enough to hook Slutty Fringe up with a bunch of tracks, here is the pick for us including his latest production Chery and the rowdy Drink More – check his myspace for several other tracks – all good looks

Don Nola – Chery / ysi

Don Nola – Drink More / ysi

South of the equator bringing the cutup electro sound out of Australia are fledgling producers Calling In Sick who allegedly have only been putting together tracks since the arse end of last year, which given the standard of their output is very impressive.

Calling In Sick have already featured on quite a few blogs but given that there are more mp3 blogs than seconds in a year it’s entirely possible you may have not heard them already.

Calling In Sick – Cali Games / ysi

Calling In Sick – Ninja Gaiden / ysi

Mr Oizo – Patrick 122 (Calling In Sick Remix) / ysi

They have a new track, Console, which is being kept under wraps for reasons know only to Calling In Sick, but It would be a good idea to head to their myspace and give it some ears cos it kicks hard.

2 Responses to “Outside The Trains Don’t Run On Time”

  1. jennifer Says:

    a kan un otre passage a l’hérétic?

  2. Don nola Says:

    Je passerais le samedi 5 avril, si une autre date se débloque d’ici là, je la mettrais sur mon myspace. Merci !

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