If Money Was No Object

February 4, 2008

The good Zombie Disco Squad have just put together a splendid new mix for general ear consumption and nudged it in the direction of Slutty Fringe to spread the word. As per it’s 60 minutes of typically demented bass heavy speaker worriers.

Want To Get Rich Tracklist

Drunk Dutch Guy Intro
When Saints Go Machine – Kids On Vacation (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
Rainer Weichold – Bamboo
The Martin Brothers – Venus Fly Trap
Natural Rhythm – Mumblemouth (Style Of Eye Less Talk Remix)
Bobby Peru – Erotic Discourse
Wtf – Chicken
Riva Starr – House Music
Santiago & Bushido – Head Trick
Dada Life – Sweeter Than Fever (Style Of Eye)
Worthy – Les Tard
Oliver $ -Mesh Mallow
Armand Van Helden – Je T’aime(Riva Starr Acid 80 Remix)

download Zombie Disco Squad – Want To Be Rich mix

ZDs has stepped up their production game of late, the When Saints Go Machine remix featured in this mix can be copped from the Gutter Broadcast blog and they have refixes of Ghost Frequency and Gameboy/Gamegirl in the oven cooking nicely.

If you find your feet in East London this Saturday it would be silly not to direct them towards Get Rude @ Catch with special guests Lee Mortimer and NikNikNik who is like twelve years old or something.

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