Bangalter Didn’t Show Us Any Love….

February 15, 2008


You almost feel sorry for Tirk Records, no sooner do they put out one or two tracks by a promising artist than they get poached by bigger label with Modular tealeafing NYPC and DFA enticing Syclops away. Thankfully Tirk always seem to have something up their sleeve to compensate for such losses.

Last year they put out an album by Blockheads guitarist Chaz Jankel which was slept on big time, however Tirk are kicking off 2008 with the release of Get Myself Together as a single on March 10th, backed with some big remix action from Hercules & Love Affair who contributes two remixes, both very different and both very excellent. Head over to 20JFG to hear the HercHouse effort

More exciting for these ears however is a re/edit of Glad To Know You by klondike disco genius Todd Terje which stretches out the original and places the paino hook at the centre of your attention.

Chaz Jankel – Glad To Know You (Todd Terje Edit)

(p.s. Tirk tell Greg Wilson to finish his Credit To The Edit 2 already!)

In a Ian Dury & The Blockheads shaped segue, there is a splendid 12” mix of the classic Spasticus Autisticus on the new Strut compilation Funky Nassau – The Compass Point Story 1980 – 86 which musically documents the golden era of producer Chris Blackwell’s Compass Point studios in the Bahamas.

Split between some extended versions of tracks you will know such as Grace Jones’ My Jamaican Guy and ever smile inducing Genius Of Love from Tom Tom Club and some serious 80s boogie tracks which you always wondered what they were when you saw Greg Wilson DJ.

The only real duff note on the album is a Bob Marley cover from Lizzy Mercier Descloux which ends so abruptly it’s almost like she knew it was going rotten and decided to walk out the studio.

Funky Nassau is released on March 17th, by which time it will have probably knackered up my ipod the amount of times it has been played. Here is the track off the album which is getting bumped most at the moment.

Guy Cuevas – Obsession (The Nassau Mix)

Finally some new D-I-R-T-Y disco edits – well not so new as they were sent through the other week but it’s been all about getting a bit too niceup on rum the past week or so and they’ve only just been listened to these past few days.

It’s Pilooski again on the edit board taking on unknowns Del Shannon and Danny Gold with his Pointer Sisters edit from last year also being included on the release – For these ears it is all about the Del Shannon track which is some sixties motown inflected techno madness

Del Shannon – Gemini (Pilooski Edit)

Be sure to check the two D-I-R-T-Y soundsytem promo mixes too – they have one over at the excellent Lovefingers and the other is here

One Response to “Bangalter Didn’t Show Us Any Love….”

  1. Ines Says:

    Slutty Fringe you make my week!

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