This Trumpet In My Head

February 21, 2008

It seems like an absolute age since New York producers Streetlab were last featured on these pages, but some of their new remixes just landed at our feet so it’s time to change that.

First up is C.Y.O.A. by Hearts Revolution (shoutouts to IHeartComix!) who have seemingly been remixed by at least 63% of the internet since Frankie Chan opened the track up for remix. Streetlab give the track a danceflor twerk, toning down the feedback and putting a nice looking electrohouse hat on it

Hearts – Revolution – C.Y.O.A. (Streetlab Remix) / ysi

Look out for the CYOA! remix 12″ in a few weeks with remixes by Brodinski, Lazaro Casanova, CFCF, Lauren Flax and Dan Oh [competition winner] and artwork by talented miss Kate Moross

Streetlab also took apart Hot Chip album track One Pure Thought and put it back together again – comment on how different it is to the original cannot be made as the Hot Chip album Made In The Dark has not yet graced the bassbins at Slutty Fringe Towers.

However, this remix would definitely work as a good soundtrack for the moment you decide to sidle up and dance with that girl with the brunette curls and vintage Jordan top you were exchanging flirtatious glances with at the bar.

Hot Chip – One Pure Thought (Streetlab Remix) / ysi

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