When Four Loves Four

February 23, 2008


My hangover really wasn’t ready for the extreme nastiness that drops around a minute or so into this Destroy Disco remix of the Ghost Frequency track Never Before….

Ghost Frequency – Never Before (Destroy Disco Remix) / ysi

Look out for remixes of this track by the good Zombie Disco Squad and Cutting Pink With Knives soon.

A bonus of Ghost Freqeuncy portions can be found in the shape of a mix that young Barney from the band sent through the other week but slipped under the carpet (or some other excuse)

We Hate You – Fuck Off Moss Mix tracklist

Diplo – Goldigger
187 Lockdown – Gunman – (Twocker Remix)
Malente – Shuga
Jamie Ferguson – HOw We Like it
Bass Kleph – 12 Inch Therapy – Dirty Ows mix
Crookers – Push It – Ursula Remix
Superstyle Deluxe – Meat Cake
Soft Tigers – Ice Cream – (Waxmaster)
Bonde De Role – Gasolina – (FakeBlood)
Andy George – Big Dipper
Solid Groove – THis is Sick – ( Yeah! Woho! Remix)
Kevin Mark Trail – Perspective – (Mad Skillz Remix)
Rob Reng – Soda – KI and bumboy wehateyou re-rub-a-dub
Digtal Filth – Krusher
Funkasaurus – Work Dis – (Flore)
Azzido Da Bass – Dooms Night – (Laid Back Luke Bootleg)
Destroy Disco – Fly or Bounce

We Hate You – Fuck Off Moss Mixx

By the way, consider this a reccomendation to reach out and touch Fluokids for a rather excellent remix by Rory Phillips of The Teenagers – it’s quite nice to see Mr Casper Floukids sparing some time from developing a beard and playing Ableton techno in clubs to write some words

One Response to “When Four Loves Four”

  1. bok bok Says:

    ouch about Casper

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