Sell This For Drug Addiction

March 5, 2008

Not letting the fact Atlantic Records recently put the kibosh on his remix for the unwarranted return of the eversosilly named Get Cape Wear Cape Fly send him into a huff, rising electrohouse producer Plimsouls has been busy in the studio and come up with some more niceness for the feet.

Praise to the Broken Hookers for dropping the Plimsouls Theme in their most recent podcast as it jogged my memory about how fucken brilliant it is as the wind tried to suck me into the Thames on the saunter home last night.

Plimsouls – Plimsouls Theme / ysi

Plimsouls – Contact / ysi

Be on the look out for Plimsouls on the refix for Miss Odd Kidd and Alphabeat soons!

3 Responses to “Sell This For Drug Addiction”

  1. Martin Says:

    Looking forward to the Alphabeat remix, they really need some good reworks!

  2. sluttyfringe Says:

    I definitely echo this sentiment

  3. […] seems like Discobelle and Slutty Fringe are on some sort of unplanned Anglo Swedish internet venture to expose Plimsouls talents to the general public and it must be working […]

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