Happy House

March 9, 2008

Despite being bang into raps about green and dead presidents over a Parliament sample as a yoot, the musical style of hipshops has not really been getting much speakertime round here for something like 462 days.

Occasional joyful transmissions of KMD aside, it’s all apologising to my hangover because the volume was just a bit too high for that LA Riots edit of the SebastiAn remix we leached off fluohhhkeeeeds or sighing gently at the lovely voice on the latest nice girl wot plays music – Lykke Li at the moment – or indulging the inner disco by spending a few pennys short of a tenner on some obscure imported edit. Ears are willing to hear new sounds regardless of genre though, and the hip and the hop in more uptempo variations have been jacking the airtime at Slutty Fringe towers just now.

People should know all about Glaswegian whipper snapper Rustie after his hiphopinnadubstep Jagz The Smack EP made thems that know do a sex wee. Since then Rustie has put out some splendid bmore rerubs of hipshops on the excellent Dre$$ 2 $weat imprint (buy here and get the new Rod Lee EP on the same label while you are at it)

He has new EP, called Cafe De Phresh on Stuff Records which is brimming with excellent aquacrunkstep production – with Patrick Ewing being a particular favourite (this might be cos I used to rock BK Patrick Ewings and support the NY Knicks)

Here are some bmore re/fixes Rustie done did of hiphoppers Clipse and Hurricane Chris, we’re not posting anything off Cafe De Phresh cos Stuff Records will prolly want to plant a Glasgow Kiss on us or fry us in batter for such flagrant piracy – please support Stuff Records and pick up the Cafe De Phresh EP which is out in April.

Clipse – Mr Me Too (Rustie Club Edit) / ysi

Hurricane Chris – A Bay Bay (Rustie Club Edit) / ysi

Cadence Weapon has a new album out on Big Dada this week or next amusingly titled Afterparty Babies. It’s kinda crazy (in goodgoodway) how Rollie has blown up – I remember reading his mp3 blog Razor Blade Runner back in the day when there was only like a handful of them, it always had upfront tracks that were not the sort of things that get posted by everyone and his style of writing was really fucken funny.

Anyway we’ve not heard the album proper because we’re not on Ninja’s promo list *cough*cough* but a two tracker taster EP did get tossed in this general direction – two specimens of certified party banger material

Cadence Weapon – House Music / ysi

Cadence Weapon – This Is For The Youth Crew / ysi

In a amazing coincidence London producer A1 Bassline just sent me a remix he done did of House Music which is steeped in the wonky bassline house sound that is currently in vogue right now – be sure to get the remixes he done of Fagget Fairies and Penis vs Vagina from the splendid Palmsout

Cadence Weapon – House Music (A1 Bassline Remix) / ysi

Finally, my bol Hint sent me a remix he done did of the Al Fatz track Came Down which appears to combine some plinky pianos and the sound of a baby bird chirping – this can only be a good thing

Al Fatz – Came Down (hint remix) / ysi

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