Almost A Willis

March 25, 2008

Last Saturday should have seen the Slutty Fringe represent represent at Numbers goes South at Gramophone with Rustie and Hudson Mohawke and the Numbers crew – however some nasty sleep deprivation type affliction stole Saturday night away. Which was a great shame.

The purpose of Numbers leaving the warmth and sanctity of Glasgow was to throw a party in celebration of the hotly anticapted new releases from the aforementioned Rustie and Hudson Mowake

Cafe De Phresh the sophomore EP from young Rustie has already been covered here but new Warp signing HudMo has Ooops! about to drop which is a EP of crunched up hiphop featuring R & B accapellas from Tweet, Yummy Bingham and some other bling types whose names escape us right now over some speakerjunking Hudmo production.

Hudson Mohawke – Ooops (Oh My) / ysi

The official release for this fine enterprise between Wireblock and the Luckyme crew is April 7th – however if you point your eyes towards the North South Divide record shop you can purchase it the now.

An extra bit of Hudmo niceness can be located at the North South Divide podcast in the shape of a new mixtape in mp3 format go >> here

2 Responses to “Almost A Willis”

  1. jeej Says:

    Hudson Mohawke is the dude – do you have the Heralds Of Change stuff he did with Mike Slott? I put one of the tracks on my latest podcast.

  2. camoscrawl Says:

    i missed them in Glasgow. I am a fanny at times.

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