Must Be A Devil

March 26, 2008

Slutty Fringe has big wooly mammoth love for Adventures Close To Home – most mortals would be content with putting on the best parties every weekend of every month with bands you will be reading about in Style magazines several months down the line and being resident tastemakers for thems like FACT

Not Will that is Ill and Choaf though. Of late they have expanded the ACTH dynasty to include a record label that is home to some splendid angular sonic debauchery in Holy Hail and Free Blood ( The Shir Khan & Hot Chip remixes of both acts respectively were amongst the favourites of recent times)

Adventures Close To Home have started to do some heavy remixes too – Ghost Frequency being wilfull recipients of an excellent remix inparticular

So it should go then that ACTH would turn their loving hand to remixing the new single from Free Blood – immense

Free Blood –  Royal Family (ACTH Remix) / ysi

Those London peeps who can brave a Tuesday morning stinking of whisky and the stale scent of Chanel perfume that Danish print student you were getting close with was wearing might want to head down to Durrrrrrrrrrr this Monday as Free Blood are performing live and there is the added bonus of Turbo Recordings finely coiffured Matt Walsh playing some records

(as the image above suggests)

2 Responses to “Must Be A Devil”

  1. ChoafACTH Says:

    appreciate the love sir.

    come and play for us some time.

  2. Dong Weakly Says:

    I attempted to subscribe to your rss, but had problems adding it to google reader. Could you please look at this webpage.

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