New Song To An Old Story

March 27, 2008


The perenially tipped Metronomy take another swipe at the general public’s attention on 7th April with the release of the really quite catchy electropop highpitcher My Heart Rate Rapid – the poor kids are actually gearing up to perform the track on the cringeworthy La Allen & Friends on BBC 3 Pints as this is being typed – Having previously seen Yelle bounce around on stage in quite an attractive gallic fashion to an audience whose response to stimuli was reminiscent of a corpse you have to feel for Metronomy.

Such examples of sacrifice for the betterment of their career should only encourage you to seek out the EP on it’s release – especially for the Primary 1 and MatonRETROMX remixes.

Posting any of the tracks off the EP is likely to incur something sterner than a slap on the wrist however there is some audio relief in the shape of a superb remix of previous Metronomy single Radio Ladio by Happy Meal sized Mac 3000 which has been sitting in the waiting lounge more commonly known as the Slutty Fringe inbox for too long whilst this scribe has been on the sososocialise

We should have been all over this like a sex rash from the moment it dropped as it indulges in some think break overtures to splendid effect

Metronomy – Radio Ladio (Mac 3000 Remix) / ysi

One Response to “New Song To An Old Story”

  1. lulu Says:

    beraaaaaaaaaaaaap a ting ting

    nice one!

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