The Suspense Is Killing Me

March 29, 2008

It’s been a while since the Streetlife DJs got a mention round these parts, there was even a moment when we wondered if they had joined the circus or become estate agents.

Thankfully minds were put to rest when a cluster of new Streetlife DJs remixes of Alan Braxe, QOTSA (a Soulwax and Erol A favourite) and Buy Now dropped in the Slutty Fringe inbox.

Alan Braxe – Addicted (Streetlife DJs Cut N Run Remix) / ysi

Buy Now – Body Crash (Streetlife DJs Remix) / ysi

QOTSA – Better Living Through Chemistry (Streetlife DJs Remix) / ysi

As well as the music was news that Shinichi Osawa and Fatboy Slim remixes are due for release imminently and the rather splendid Gunn Crime will be released on Kitsune in April.

You can purchase the Buy Now remix in high quality MP3 from Beatport or buy the vinyl from Piccadilly Records

2 Responses to “The Suspense Is Killing Me”

  1. Warren Says:

    Hey, great tracks! Is there anyway you can send me Buy Now – Body Crash (Streetlife DJs Remix)? I’ve been looking for it now for a while but can’t seem to find where to download it. Thanks alot.

    W. Keefe

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