I Heard They’re Sending Rockets To The Moon

April 14, 2008

The cynical Music PR beast that appears to be following Alphabeat‘s every move like a ungainly monkey on their back (umpteen plugs in the London free press, appearances on Richard & Judy [how we know this is not important, move along now] Sinden remixes available via SMS etc etc) has so far prevented any actual intention to check out their music from ever coming into fruition.

However we’re all about supporting the exiting, the upcoming, the new so any personal feelings towards how Alphabeat are marketed are put to one side with release for hypem huggers of the Plimsouls remix of the Alphabeat track 10,000 Nights Of Thunder.

Having not heard the original, comment on what exactly Plimsouls has changed cannot be made though an assumptive wager could be made on the fact alot of the vocals have either been removed or messed around with. It’s a good bouncey electrohouse look anyway, and peep the official release for a double French kiss in the form of a Yuksek & Brodinski remix soon come.

Alphabeat – 10,000 Nights of Thunder (Plimsouls Remix) /ysi

It seems like Discobelle and Slutty Fringe are on some sort of unplanned Anglo Swedish internet venture to expose Plimsouls talents to the general public and it must be working as the young Bristolian has just completed a remix of the forthoming Mystery Jets single Two Doors Down which should be appearing in some offical format – exciting news! His remix of the potty mouthed Miss Odd Kidd should also be appearing on Pure Groove sometime soon.

Completely unrelated but newsworthy nonetheless is the appearance of a new Skull Juice podcast mixed by the 50% that is called Alex, some 24 months after the last, which is currently playing as these words appear and is thoroughly enjoyable – as is the latest installment of the Resident Advisor podcast mixed by Nordic disco edit king Todd Terje which ends on the Cousin Cole remix of The Boss!

p.s. tshirt available at Hanon

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