Hubba Hubba (What’s In The Bag Man?)

April 15, 2008

Sometimes it’s nice to hear a mix with a conceptual angle, instead of 60 minutes of unreleased ed banger / dubsided/ boys noize / etc / bah / blah / blah.

Step forward friend of the fringe and amateur Tim Roth lookalike wrongtom who found some time in his busy schedule of playing music, making music, shopping for a big enough broom to clear up his many name drops and day dreaming about Phoebe Cates to put together a mix dedicated to the musical career of J Saul Kane aka Depth Charge aka a load more aliases!

Now label boss of DC Recordings, J Saul Kane is prolly not a recognised name to young un’s so this mix is a very good starting place yes.

He even done a fancy press release…..

“For those of you still waiting for the next Cassetiquette here’s a little something to wet your appetite. I’ve taken a shelf-load of J Saul Kane productions and chopped, re-edited and dubbed out in the usual incorrect fashion.

Those of you already familiar with Mr Kane’s output will no doubt recognize a handful of the records which lie within covering the first 6 years of Depth Charge, Eon, Octagon Man and T.E.T releases and even a pinch of early Cash Crew for good measure. Those of you who don’t know what I’m on about have been missing out for the past 2 decades and should get downloading soon as and click here for further info on him and his record label.

Kanetiquette was made in 3 sections ranging from low slung dusty old beats to John Carpenteresque electro and some good old fashioned rave action. In keeping with the original Cassetiquette, Emma Ferguson is on board once again with some hand stitched artwork (displayed above) which you can also download for your ipods or whatever you wish to do with it.

This is for everyone who’s stayed up late watching badly dubbed Kung Fu flicks, splatter movies and unconvincing aliens. It’s dirty, it’s messy and it might harm your ear canals but just keep telling yourself – It’s only a mixtape.”

Depth Charge vs DJ Wrongtom – Kanetiquette tracklist

Part One – J.Runken Masters…

Depth Charge “Depth Charge Vs Silver Fox”
Depth Charge “Silver Dub”
Depth Charge “Death Is Ma Name”
Cash Crew “You Can’t Stop This (Jumpapella)”
Depth Charge “The Bit In The Middle”
Depth Charge “Goal – 1st Half”
Depth Charge “Goal – 2nd Half”
Depth Charge “Shaolin Buddha Finger”
Eon “Electromagnetic Waves”

Part Two – A Carnival Of Saul’s…

Depth Charge “Drum Death Version”
Depth Charge “Bass It”
Depth Charge “Dead By Dub”
Depth Charge “Daughters Of Darkness”
Depth Charge “Hubba Hubba (What’s In The Bag Man)”
Depth Charge “Searching For Records With Bonus Beats”

Part Three – It Kane From Outerspace…

Depth Charge “Under The Eye Of The Electric Storm”
Eon “Spice (Original Mix With Notes)”
The Octagon Man “Okugai Eigakan”
The Octagon Man “(something in Japanese which i can’t read)”
T.E.T. “Burning Paradise (Space Bug)”
T.E.T. “Burning Paradise (Stick Mix)”
Depth Charge “Space Mutant”

Get on with the downloading here

7 Responses to “Hubba Hubba (What’s In The Bag Man?)”

  1. Ursula 1000 Says:

    J.S.K. is the sh*t. That first Depth Charge single invented trip hop like 5 years early. Way before all that early Mo Wax or even the French stuff like Mighty Bop, etc. Only a crazed mind like that would slow things down like he did during the hey day of acid house. Nice work.

  2. wrongtom Says:

    yeah hats off to the man, he’s made some of my all time favourites

  3. lynton Says:

    A bloody corker!
    “Shaolin Buddha Finger” – madness!
    Cheers wrongtom for the mix and SF for getting it up.

  4. zhenren Says:

    Hey man! Great stuff. When/where can I get the other two parts? FYI ‘The Octagon Man “(something in Japanese which i can’t read)” ‘ 屋外映画館 – translates as ‘Outdoor Theatre’ which is exactly what “Okugai Eigakan” mans too.

  5. zhenren Says:

    ^ means, not mans. 😛

  6. sluttyfringe Says:


    it’s all there, just mixed very quickly I believe

  7. zhenren Says:

    oh yeah! so it is. lol 30mins of madness. nice one. thx again.

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